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to boost, to toot;
to toot, perchance to meme - ay, there's the rub;
for in these boosts and toots what memes may come,
when we have logged off this federated coil,
must give us pause; there's the respect
that makes calamity of such Online life;

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i'm natalie, mid-20s, white, & live in the uk! i'm agender & queer & use they/them pronouns.

i'm a survivors, some flavour of anarchist/communist, and into trans-inclusive feminism, prison abolition, transformative justice, and direct action. hate terfs, swerfs, abusers, and apologists.

i love cats, so please toot me all your cat pics. thanks in advance! :heart_agender: 😘

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i'm going to do a 3 hour long weekly podcast that's just me reading 1984 out loud and saying "wow. makes you think" or "we really do live in a society" at the end of every paragraph

i think i might be done with the handwriting? that last toot brings me to an even 150 & i am moving into my new flat next week so uh, who knows when i will have the time to do the rest. but it has been v fun & me & my handwriting feel v appreciated.

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A Taxonomie Of Replye Guys, Mentionn Pestes, and Various Oth'r Creepes and Vermin to be Founde in The Menchys

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i love committing crimes in england and being chased around town by 8 bobbies while whacky music plays. @postmaker

warum heiße es eigentlich stranger things 2 und nicht even stranger things? @gRuFtY

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Hey I made a thing to raise some funds for transition expenses if you want to help out. You would be my hero.

You should always help those most in need first (housing, health, legal) but if you have a few bucks to kick my way it would a long way toward helping me out with my long term emotional health and achieving my goals.

prepare yourself pals, got my first non-english Handwritten Toot™️ coming up. deeply exciting times to be on the tl.

i'd love to see some kind of dictionary or look up service where you can get decent neutral equivalents to gendered words. @quarky

yeah, i know how to party

play some
apple ipad games and
read a novel about jane seymour
to the cats
y-ile my husband makes something on the sewing machine.


i am the antithesis of the thesis that was formerly my synthesis. @AceNovo

you, some programmer with a blog: software is terrible
me, a wise man: wait until you find out about, life


why settle for just horny on main when you can simply have your main be horny. @frinkeldoodle

i think im old i just accidentally tooted what was meant to be a dm. hecc. @tA

i feel like my brilliant toots are not being fully appreciated because of drama. definitely not because my toots aren't brilliant. that makes no sense. @whiskeysailor

probably my greatest achievement in college was when i borrowed my ex's computer and installed a chrome add-on that turned all images into pictures of nicholas cage. @gravezwave

heartburn is where you eat so much that your body gets pissed off and decides to eat you back. @glyph

bonding with distant humans over our desk trash and mousepads and tbqh this one interaction is more wholesome than my whole year on the birdsite. @zoeferal

i spend way too much time on mastodon.

i wonder why it takes me so long to get anything done, then i realise any task i complete is punctuated with at least forty minutes of shitposting. @vantablack

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