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grandma just made my math grade anxiety worse..... she mocked me for it. said "Whats so important that you cant focus on house stuff?" I said "I'm trying to raise my grade so I don't fail" *at this point I'm screenshotting different tests I and asking my teacher if I can re-do them* and she said "Well i thought you had C??" and she said it in a mocking tone and just scoffed at me and I said "it went to a D" so she laughed and left my room......... I'm really not doing good rn lol

my mom sat with me and did a math test. Got a C on it. even she didn't understand half of them. spent like 20 minutes on one question trying to figure out how to start doing it. my grade.... didn't raise....... I'm really starting to lose hope here. now, instead of only needing 2 points I need 5.....
i only have until June 7th and I'm really losing hope. i have a 66% in math what am I supposed to do???? i cant keep retaking tests that i fail over and over again

look i already have beef with this girl. she called our teacher racist a bit ago, she keep interrupting class and making things worse, she acts like she is the boss of everything, one time I had a project with her and she made me do most of the work. she did nothing ut criticize everything I did and omg I just hate her sm

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theresa girl in my class who just shamed a guy in front of everyone for stifling a laugh.
her-"is that laughing or have you gone insane??"
teacher-"I'm not gonna have someone stop laughing its ok"
*mind you she sits right next to me and she said that a little too loud*
teacher-"[her name] its okay!!"
her- "I'm leaving because this is annoying"
(second part coming up)

i just realized the only difference between Philza and my moms bf is the fact that philza is British....
imma just suffer with that knowledge... if I ever get to the point of calling moms bf "dad" imma call him "dadza"

i was the first one to finish the Spanish test. all of my homework is done.
today is going good so far

who needs a partner when you got 4 platonic female frienships and 1 male questioning one? lol
*edit: 5 platonic female friendships... sorry*

if my NJ teacher says one thing about what happened Monday I'm going to leave the class....

grandma told me if im good today she will take me to my favorite Chinese restaurant. plus, we are going to a store that I always end u getting candy in soooooo

me: look at the rams head tattoo on this guys chest

my friend: is that a uterus???

i had half a 6 in. subway for breakfast 9leftovers from dinner) and omg I want more but I'm in school rn

also my shirt Is a Michael Myers one that has his mask in the middle and around it it says "wear a mask" idk i just find it funny lol

when I went to go tell my teacher why I wasn't in class he asked me why and I told him. he said "well you need to come to class. you're almost never here" and right then and there I smelled bs. I said "no... I'm always here this was the first time I wasn't sir." "No, you're either late or not here this is the thrid or 4th time." when I said no he then replied "I'm not arguing with you. i wrote you up as a walkout, be in class next time"

just had a slight panic attack, called my mom on my friends phone, now I'm skipping in the dean's office with said friend

that i happened to mix with a bottle of grape gatorade so the bottle would be full and last me all day

i got these at six flags for my future godson. only a few more months I think (mom chose the socks and bowtie)

feelings ig 

golly gee i sure do love it when my grandmother tells me she hopes shes dead before I'm an adult (which is 2 years if I'm not mistaken) all because I'm zoned out it really just makes my MTF day

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feelings ig 

i feel numb today.. grandma said its jetlag from six flags yesterday and that I need a nap but I didn't feel this when I got home and I'm tired but not. My phones about to die but idc. i feel like a bad person but at the same time Im not acknowledging anything nor do i care. plus cant be with om shes at work so i cant tell her about this. oh well, honestly i kinda wanna disappear but i wanna hit someone too...weird ig

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