🎵 tainted love 🎵 

Sometimes I feel I'm kinda

[dun dun]

Really gay

volunteering venty, sarcasm 

I love leaving things for other people to do so that I'm not doing everything, and other people have important stuff to do, and watching them just

Not do it

jojo's bizarre adventure 

And now David Production is gearing up for something April next year

Stone Ocean baybee here we come

This has the potential to be the best thing that happens to me this year

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Two trunks in the sand
Two trunks in the sand
My Visage, My Visage, a sneer of cold command


I like my new FC, they seem nice and basically immediately started using my pronouns right when prompted

They're pretty small and it's mostly people living in Japan? I may have to learn a little bit of Japanese 🤔

among us but also other games with traitor mechanics 

I don't really enjoy trying to deceive people? It's hard and I don't feel good about doing it

Like, in competitive settings I will either be totally upfront or totally silent about what I'm doing (the former is much more fun)

Playing games where I have to lie to conceal something untoward I'm doing is just not super fun


Having been around FFXIV players for a bit now, I've noticed that DPS, healers and tanks all seem to think they don't have to worry about learning the mechanics of individual dungeons / trials, because the other roles are meant to focus on that

Which seems like a problem 🤔


Bf is playing Control and found some Talking Heads lyrics


This XP thing is bugging me, like I literally got to Lvl. 5 in botanist just from harvesting two trees

That's like, eight buttons pressed, not including the walking between them and accepting the quest

It's just Too Fast

'Elizabeth' is an OP name, you can shorten that into like a dozen different names that all have a completely different feel to them

computers, risk of rain 2 character spoilers 

In Risky Rain you can unlock a playable robot and plant duo, the robot carries the plant on its back and the plant shoots at stuff

I want that but for real, rolling around my apartment looking for sunlight to hang out in

Maybe not shooting at stuff, tho

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I think I like working with computer hardware more than software

If I had way more money then making goofy little techy stuff with like a 3D printer and whatever I could recycle would probably be a hobby of mine

re: ffxiv, dark souls 2 

Or how several areas in Dark Souls 2 are built around the idea that it's too dark to see anything, and you have to manage your torches / your environment carefully to get around

In the actual released game levels are generally lit up just fine so darkness never becomes a problem that you have to deal with, but it feels like you were meant to deal with it

Anyway I have no idea what to call that

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I need a term for that sensation you get when playing a video game that you're like, playing with mechanics that were made to fit with something that's no longer in the game

The XP gain in FFXIV is like this: You can ignore everything but the main story and job quests, and still be overlevelled with sufficient gear all the way through to the end of the initial story (at least). The sidequests and beast tribe stuff and leves are now redundant because the game around them changed


In addition to liking dungeons I am also a fan of dragons, but there's something about putting the two together that just doesn't sit right to me

Just thinking about having access to dungeons while simultaneously being in the presence of dragons makes me upset

No idea what that could be

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re: ffxiv, nonsense 

That's right, I like dungeons now. I'm a dungeon liker. What about it

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Done with the 1-50 content, and I just finished running around and picking up like, a bunch of dungeons. This is stuff I haven't done before so I might give some of it a go every now and then, between working on the main story? Even though the story quests are like, keeping me well and truly above the level sync threshold

Dungeons are just a good and fun time

among us 

I hope all the queers and former theater kids out there are feeling validated now that the flavor of the month game that everyone's playing is Literally Just Mafia

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