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The Exchange Student From Abroad In The Male Hot Baths Is Secretly A Girl?!?, early transition selfies, breast nudity, eye contact, onsen memories, trans life, Japan 

Of course I craved the experience but, while my face would pass as male back then, and body could perhaaps be read boy on a male yukata if they don’t pay attention, nude body is another story. It looked like this.

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onsen memories, trans life, Japan 

Most times I've been to Tappi, I've stayed in minshuku (cheap hostels) as is normal for fieldwork. Easy to embed oneself socially that way.

Last time tho I already had my contact network set up, so I allowed self to stay in hotel.

Hotel Tappi has an onsen that I like to think of as the Bath of Ice and Fire. You can stay in an area with a big open window, gazing at the ocean, icy capewind blasting right on your face while the immersed part of your body simmers.

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onsen memories, trans life, Japan, selfie video, loud noises in clip 

just an early transition girl in boymode enjoying the weather

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onsen memories, trans life, Japan 

just a nice pleasant daily hike at my place in Japan

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onsen memories, trans life, Japan 

forgot to attach map. This is Tappi. some random old photos, took me a long time to find

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onsen memories, trans life, Japan 

I worked several times in Tappi-zaki, Cape Dragonflight, see map. it was always utterly deserted in fieldwork season, biting cold, all dry plants and rocks and shacks. and it was maybe the windiest place I’ve ever been. I went there enough times that it grew familiar to me, and I learned to enjoy the dreary solitude of the hikes. This feels like the end of the world, and each time there was like a milestone further in my transition.

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onsen memories, trans life, Japan 

Japanese people go naked together in public baths as a form of bonding. when you’re a fieldworker, getting invited into onsen is a sign you’re doing things right.

you can’t go into onsen with a trans body tho. on my first round of research, pre-HRT, I went to some nice sentō, but from then on I had to refuse it with excuses.

this is such a specific, such a pointed experience that there’s a videogame about it.

pastel anime titties, vague selfie 

put a "strong bitch." sticker on my makeup mirror o/

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pastel art, anime titties, meds has some great etsy stuff, I came for the drugs but had to order a bunch

know what my place should have?

_more_ trans flags :transgender_flag:

nice to support Polish siblings too ☺️
this is from

menstruation-related, looks gross but not really, genitals, too much information, gender feelings 

had the weirdest, strong positive gender feelings for 4–5 seconds when I lowered my white panties and the lower front was all stained rusty red. brain was slow to want to turn its gears like, wait a minute this isn't a thing.

turns out the shimmering lotion I was using on girldick will stain white cotton haha

(y'all do good skincare of girldick right)

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looking forward to my 2 week break from slaving away under capitalism

food, coffee 

picture me right now on pjs tryin to make coffee.

I just tried to close the soy milk carton with a wafer.
While biting into its cap.

btw @ everybody who I haven't talked to these days – been in a strange mood lately and focusing uncontrollably on random things, sorry for avoidance 🙇‍♀️

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@anne :) :> :D

Queers Destroy Science Fiction (short story collection)

Wayfarers trilogy

Broken Earth trilogy

Ascendant (aka Their Bright Ascendancy) trilogy

Girls Made of Snow and Glass

The Priory of the Orange Tree

Locked Tomb trilogy (ongoing)

The Great Cities trilogy (ongoing)

Tensorate series (ongoing, 4 books so far)

Of Fire and Stars trilogy (ongoing) (listen to prequel _after_ book #2)

No Man of Woman Born (shorts)

all read as audiobooks \o/

I appear to be living in UTC−4 which, coincidentally, puts me back in Manaus. anyway ’morning to y’all ^^

selfie, eye contact, insomnia 

I like being the kind of girl who is this kind of girl

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