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never thought I'd say this, but I feel tired of cafés o_ô

maybe for the first time ever, I feel like going back home and working from there.

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legal name troubles 

had to deal with trouble/confusion over name on card vs. name on reservation.

I really wish it was possible to fix my documents without traveling 9500km >.>

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Ich hab einen Witz gemacht. (CW Küche, Essen, Momjoke, Linux) 

Ich hatte Nussecken gemacht. Wurden sehr gelobt und ich erläuterte:

"Das ist ein Thermomix-Rezept. Ich hab keinen Thermomix, aber ich kann einen über eine VM auf meinem Kenwood laufen lassen."


Also ich fand das lustig.

A Song of Ice and Fire, prog rock, theirtube link 

have long held that this old, weird song is the theme lyrics to the Feastdance

(Renaissance, «Kings and Queens»)


me: gonna make an appointment with the library to help motivate me get out the house

God, archiasshole: 34º sun only today

size (non) dysphoria (+), longing 

dating for the first time a girl taller than me has made my body internalise what y'all have tried to convince me all along: tall girls good 🥰


anxious about a thing > can't sleep > will be less able to do thing > more anxious > more can't sleep

work commitment 

peer reviewer #2 is harder, some stuff will take coding and (re-)reading Japanese articles. honestly the hardest thing is dealing with invalid/nonsensical criticism. I’m calling it a day. I think I can pull off the rest tomorrow.

I’m not as happy as I could be (or at all). but this is progress. at least I got some really nice selfies out of it

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neurodiversity stuff vent, dysphoria 

I also think that after transition I got a whole lot better at conversations and not being unpleasant. probably because of, you know, not being depressed and dissonant and depersonalising all the time.

this unfortunately creates an association between being kind&gentle = new me and being absent/abstract = old me, which means I get dysphoria from full nerd mode

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neurodiversity stuff vent 

DAE have this nagging feeling that the more mentally exhausted, the less one can behave as expected wrt conversations and social things

with the result that often when you're chasing a deadline or dealing with a stressful time you get into conflicts on top of that due to talking too much or too loudly or stopping talking/socialising when it's not appropriate to, etc.

so that you start getting afraid of these periods also because you don't wanna lose the ability to mask

selfies, eye contact 

pause for chai while I successfully do (or is this already 🧚‍♀️)

(yes I got the flower hairband 😌)

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work commitment 

finished revisions from 1 out of 2 peer reviewers

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transition, silly but for real tho 

I transitioned from obnoxious compsci dude to beloved hot milf, how much harder can it be to transition into habitual writer

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I present you: the hipsterest object I've ever owned.

tria laser 4x live review, tattoo, covid-19 passing mention 

I finally got the money I was owed for my lexicographic gig from the start of the year. with this and the corona crisis ±defused here, the only thing stopping me from having my first tattoo is lasering.

I have been slack on following the schedule, but once you tattoo an area, you have to forgo laser there forever. I don’t have much underboob hair anyway, but I figure I want to laser the area at least 3×. today was #2, so 2 more weeks.

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sillypost, food 

gringos are asleep
quick, post delicious monosodium glutamate

work commitment 

ok so this is how the day will going to go. I will shave and dress up. I will make lunch. I will go to a cafe. I will take some friggin light academia photos. and I am going to show them how a girl can write.

I will write till either my article is fully done, or the laptop runs out of batteries, and then I will tell y'all how much I got done.

longing, work- 

thinking about the feminist anthropologist I met once in a dating app in past life and we never really made out but had coffee & several interesting conversations.

she once told me that the only reason she managed to finish her thesis is that she had to get it out of the way to have the time and mental space to be with her partners.

thinking of this a lot cause I'm _aching_ here & feeling like I'm not entitled to anything cause of unmet responsibilities (˘・_・˘)

work - 

2 more days to deadline >>.<<

loving the "goblin bass" instrument Margaret Killjoy built and has been experimenting with in her insta. hope she eventually puts the "lullaby" on somewhere shareable

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