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Things I love about the label(s) bi/pan lesbian:

:heart_bi: It recognises that sexuality can be complicated
:heart_pan: It recognises that gender can be complicated
:heart_bi: Bi/Pan women are good, lesbians are good, together they're great!
:heart_pan: Very valid to have an attraction to men that is very specific and rare but an attraction to women and/or non binary people that is just :blobmelt:
:heart_bi: Labels are personal and important to the people who ID with them
:heart_pan: :valid:

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wish there was such a thing as anarchist Pfadfinder (scouts).

or at the very least something in my area that wasn't religious / gendered / etc.

fully convinced that David from Hilda is literally Charlie Brown

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after reading about The Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077: huh all the innovation is happening in the indie scene innit

at this point, the feeling of being an immigrant in videogame worlds is as familiar to me as videogames themselves.

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playing Nelly Cootalot in German, with the cartoon style point-and-click and the linguistic friction of getting the gist of things but not really understanding all the jokes, gives me nostalgia of being in the same situation in the Discworld, back when I was learning English from videogames.

I didn't quite learn Japanese from videogames cause kanji are a big barrier (I learned it from manga) but there was plenty of being disoriented and partial understanding in J games, too.

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surprisingly hard to find mother-of-pearl nail polish

- all these fancy countries debating self-id for name/gender changes and we just... have it? it was like no big deal?

- "oh I know about these things, I saw it in the soap opera" – my late grandmother, upon being told of my transition

- ppl hug and kiss and touch ;-; I miss this so much

- particularly miss the warmth of ppl up North

- travestis are the best

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things about Brazil that I appreciate better with perspective:

- free, quality college education (not even any supplementary tariffs like Germany's "social contribution")

- the free healthcare system is much better than its rep, me and my family have relied on it for generations

- how simple it is to get an STD test, no doctor's indication or complex appointments. that you can just grab some free condoms and sex education leaflets in educational institutions, clinics, during Carnaval etc.

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in the entirely opposite note of what I was just talking about:

has such a great sensibility for colour, I think I'm hooked on the art alone

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