@tuturto I listened to so much Malfunction on repeat in early transition! never tried the rest of the discography tho :thinknyan:


@wolfie @powderpaint thanks for introducing, love the music! only thing I would like would be text transcriptions of the lyrics in the bandcamp

metal is great and all but I think I really need to make a playlist that's upbeat, queer, soft and healing for these days.

my ignorance of happy music stands in the way >.<

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Thank you @powderpaint for my new favourite song (a polyamorous love song, you love to see it!)

vegan feelings 

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vegan feelings, animal abuse, caps 

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'Listening to' is a much better way of saying you have subcribed to someone's posts on here than 'following'.

audiobooks, mh± 

re: body hair dysphoria, laser 

tria laser 4x live review 

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@porsupah maybe this should be my next German practice binge :)

tria laser 4x live review, body+facial hair discussion, results updates 

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tech, job search 

petition to replace Columbus statue with Marsha P. Johnson's in her hometown 

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D, Berlin, demo link, no IPReG 

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