orchi + hrt science 

I find no hard evidence for the dreaded T spike tho. could the oft-reported T-type symptoms (morning erections, oily skin etc.) be a side effect of the LH+FSH spike somehow?

I’m thinking I may innocently forget to consult with my endo re: orchi, and keep taking my normal cypro+E2 doses for 2~3 weeks post-surgery. then have the talk and carefully discontinue cypro, monitoring T serum levels, while hopefully getting them to not reducing the E2 dose.

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hrt, P4 cycling, breasts 

ok this is happening again so I think it is regular enough to try to describe it, tentatively:

my breasts get intensely swollen and sensitive 1~2 days _before_ full moons (when I double the progesterone dose). barring mystical lunar influence, I guess that means it takes 6~7 days for a dose to bloom fully. this is consistent with aching breasts by the end of full moon.

P4 cream makes this particular effect a lot more intense (I cycle the cream too).

hrt+, transdermal estradiol, tmi (2/2) 

Possibly relevant HRT details:

- I have some gel leftover (Gynokadin brand) from past treatment, & been using it in addition to spray. I discontinued gel 2 days before test.

- Cypro 10mg/day; T 26ng/dL.

- Progesterone 100mg/day (test didn't measure P4).

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hrt blood test PSA 

something pretty obvious but I missed it and maybe might help someone to point it out:

depending on method of administration, your hormone levels can be highly time-sensitive. check out the Wikipedia pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics articles (e.g. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pharmaco ) and time your application so that you can have an idea of what levels to expect at lab time.

hrt, libido talk 

testosterone is said to drive up libido.

the effect of progesterone on libido is controversial in cis studies. anecdotal reports of transfeminine ppl often claim it drives up libido.

P is also a T blocker.

I cycle P on moon phases: I take double dose on full moons and nothing on new. that means I should have higher T on 🌚, & higher P on 🌝.

My one data point would be that P seems better for libido (if you’re already on a T blocker at least).

mtf hrt, progesterone question 

more full moon observations:
ok so I guess we all agree on the horny. but is it just me or does P make you hungry?? like "I had a full meal and some snacks but I'm craving a second dinner" hungry?

could be something else about my lifestyle/diet/body I guess, but it does appear to be dose related maybe...

trans hrt issues (-) 

update: doctor will try doubling my dose from 3 to 6 spritz twice daily, & if that doesn't work we'll try going back to gel, presumably on higher dose too. she says in her experience gel works better (the opposite of what I heard out there).

this doctor has different ideas than me about ideal levels but she's always supportive of my goals & bodily autonomy & that's all I can ask! love pan-klinik

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trans hrt issues (-) 

apparently injections are nearly impossible to get here so either I increase the spraying (but will it even help?) or I resign myself to pills. maybe combo pills and spray? and do buccal/sublingual ofc.

or I get the diy injections from that one Russian... why are blood exams so hard to get in Germany without a doctor's rec tho

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mtf hrt, progesterone experience 

I'm not sure if I ever got P drowsiness after taking it at night. But I've been noticing that on full moons it's oftentimes hard to get up, quite more than normal. Dunno if placebo or selection bias

medical trans issues, hrt (+) 

anyway do you know what day is it queers?

that’s right its first quarter! 🌛 meaning I resume progesterone on single dose, building up to double on full moon 🔮 :sparkles_trans:

trans medical issues, transdermal estradiol protip 

For all you girls on gel or (in my experience superior) spray, this is a little-known fact: scrotal skin appears to have very high estradiol absorption rates.


selfies, ec, nsfw, boobies 

I’m not sure if I’ll ever not see these as a miracle. Damn. 20 years daydreaming ‘what if I had breasts tho’ and all this time you could just… go and and grow breasts. My two little bags of happiness and comfort. Science is amazing!

Pictures taken ca. 17–18 months HRT, 35/36 years old.

medical trans stuff, progesterone 

Didn’t feel anything like ‘progesterone drunk’ on days #1 and #2. Had weird nightmares, but no weirder or more vivid than usual.

Day #3 I felt distinctly giddy, but couldn’t tell whether it was from P or due to a Christmas fruit punch gf had kindly warmed up for me… *Then* she said the punch wasn’t even alcoholic 🙈 so either I placeboed myself into a nice buzz with imaginary booze, or I got a taste of P euphoria.

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