the grrm thing, racism, problematic faves (1/x) 

GRRM doubled down on downplaying Campbell’s white supremacist, because of course he did, with a subtweety blog post where, almost comically, he quotes Gandhi of all people about honouring the good things dead people did. cause editing some gatekeepey sci-fi mag outweights being an outright nazi apparently.

I don’t know why this bothers me so much. it’s not like it’s my first problematic fave…

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the grrm thing, racism, problematic faves (2/x) 

…Tolkien is almost a caricature of a conservative white Catholic, and Lovecraft is as awful as one could possibly be. and I still engage with their stuff. It’s not like their bad values aren’t represented in the work either.

I think – ironically, in view of GRRM’s post – it feels worse when they’re alive. Cause the issue was brought to him, and he chose to keep ignoring it, to treasure memories of old friends over the voice of the marginalised.

the grrm thing, racism, problematic faves (3/x) 

you come to Lovecraft knowing he was a racist fuck, and you engage accordingly. with vaguely liberal living authors, you find out after the case.

I still love ASoIaF, it is too much my thing. It has the kind of deep worldbuilding that I find highly immersive, that can only be tangible when an author spends a lifetime working on the same thing. At the same time I feel like it’s not for me anymore, and I feel guilty for liking it. It’s complicated.

the grrm thing, racism, problematic faves (4/4) 

I think I will still read the rest of the story, but in the same way I read Lovecraft: with the attitude of a raider and a plunderer on enemy territory. I want to get what I can, to learn what I can from this, then use it for my own purposes. We must create what we need in this world.

needless to say, I’m also done spending money on aSoIaF goods.

the grrm thing, racism, problematic faves (2/x) 

@elilla I think this is the crux, for me. When they are still alive, their continued failure to do better is an ongoing injury. Once they dead, they ain't gonna get no better and I can stop fretting.

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