I’m only going to feel satisfied when I do it myself, amn’t I.

This itch has been needing a scratch for way too long.

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> Nobody believes me when I say that my long book is an attempt to create a world in which a form of language agreeable to my personal æsthetic might seem real. But it is true. An enquirer (among many) asked what the [Lord of the Rings] was all about, and whether it was an 'allegory'. And I said it was an effort to create a situation in which a common greeting would be « Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielmo », and that the phase long antedated the book. I never heard any more.

sources for critical fantasy 

re-tooting this somewhere I can reference easily.

(article) Society Against the State

(book) The Art of Not Being Governed

(book) Worshipping Power

(book) Caliban and the Witch

(article) Forrest’s "Medieval history and anarchist studies" has some pointers

(article) "An Introduction to Anarchism in Archaelogy" also

(workshop) global.history.ox.ac.uk/event/
but where find content

Needs more stuff about:
- community self-organisation
- commons
- commoners' lives.

sources for critical fantasy 

Heng, ‘The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages’

(podcast: newbooksnetwork.com/geraldine- )

on the beginnings of racial thinking via religious frameworks in the Middle Ages. sounds like valuable material for thinking fantasy tropes.

conlang reading list 

- The Art of Language Invention
- Rosenfelder’s Advanced Language Construction + Conlanger’s Lexipedia
- Tolkien’s A Secret Vice (reread)

useful linguistics material:

- refresh on historical ling (Campbell has a new edition in January)
- some typological survey
- Greenbergian universals
- up-to-date research on phono-semantics
- Hyman’s universals of tone
- get better at morphosyntactic alignment

conlang reading list 

Tolkien started working on his languages in 1915. He started working on « The Hobbit » in 1930. 15 years isnt a very scary deadline >.>

‘Evidence of this language invention was seen primarily in the names Tolkien crated for peoples, places and objects’. Regreting not taking those classes on toponymy—& let’s add textbooks on toponymy and onomastics to the list.

GRRM Hugos issue, body selfie 

if life gives you george martins, make your own fantasy world

with queers and conlangs

forgot the image description 

above photo: body selfie of me showing the book "The Art of Language Invention" by David J. Peterson, just arrived.

My nail polish is glittery gold in two visible fingers, and shimmery purple in two others.

I’m wearing a yellow shirt with cartoon bees over the breasts, subtitled "boo" and "bees" in cursive, and a white sheer miniskirt with a dotted pattern.

selfie, eye contact 

let's buy books from queer and BIPOC authors, make fanart of them, fill our own wikis, give our own prizes. let's raid the canon like pirates and robbers, instead of begging for a recognition that should be taken. let's take a knife the posters of ‘foreigners go home’, and carve the sounds of our names. let's write our own books.

let's make our own languages.

(selfie repost for )

@elilla It’s a good book but I wish it referred more to real-world language. The section on constructed scripts, for instance, never mentions Hangul.

conlang reading list 

@elilla not to be weird, just saw conlang text names and went "oh looks useful, lemme boost"

conlang reading list 

@Manurweibling boosts increase the chance that somebody might suggest something nice to add ;)

conlang reading list 

@elilla @Manurweibling do you know about Describing Morphosyntax, by Thomas Payne? It's not actually a conlang book, it's a guide to help field linguists document endangered languages, but if you use it to try to describe your own conlang it'll get you a good part of the way towards having a full reference grammar. (Also, I've only read a few chapters of it so far, so my recommendation is mostly secondhand, but what I have read is good)

conlang reading list 

@elilla if you don't mind my adding to the list, the Conlanger's Thesaurus is quite good:


(book i have not read) A World Lexicon of Grammaticalization

masto bot test 

^ this is still too green for general usage but I wanted to show y'all what I was working on 😌 based on the DeepAI colorisation API that @porsupah was talking about

masto bot test 

@elilla Oh, now that's fun. =:D

We can thereby conclude AI learning can correctly identify people and objects, but exhibits an awful sense of style color. =:)

masto bot test 

@porsupah it seems to lean a lot on neutral tones and beiges? maybe that was done on purpose because chances are it will look familiar and "plausible" when recolouriing old b&w photos? :thinknyan:

masto bot test 

@elilla Sounds plausible. ^_^ They're not *invalid* choices, after all. Would be rather cool if you could specify a year for the photo, and it'd bias the palette choices accordingly. But I suppose that would require multiple training sets.

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