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I鈥檓 in the middle (=start) of my language-learning full reread. I just got the maps. I just customised the maps. can I like _one_ mainstream fandom without the author rushing to ruin it 馃槥馃挗

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what is a fantasy series with big, detailed, immersive worldbuilding/lore that鈥檚 not written by a cisgender white man?

Other than Le Guin ofc.

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Sarah Monette鈥檚 芦The Goblin Emperor禄 is pretty much what I鈥檓 asking for exactly鈥攃omplete with a !!鈥攅xcept there鈥檚 only 1 book so far. still hyped about the sequel & hope more come out of it.

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@elilla Ooh, I didn't realize there was going to be a sequel! It read like a stand-alone.

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@naga would be a shame to set up all those background hints about goblin society (and a conlang!!!! did I mention conlang) and then just let it go to waste now wouldnt it 馃槍

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@elilla Looks like the second book is more of a second story in the same setting--best of both worlds! (no pun)

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