coffee, summer, energy 

super burnt out today. can't even concentrate enough to watch the new Umbrella Academy or anything.

anyway I made Japanese-style ice coffee to resurrect myself a little bit! all the websites with ice coffee recipes only care about coffee snob crap so I'm going to list what really matters for low energy ppl:

pros of Japanese-style:
- can decide to do it on a whim
- is ready instantly

- need to have a tray of ice cubes ready
- will spend your entire ice tray

coffee, summer, energy 

@elilla hope it gives you some energy!
what's your recipe?

coffee, summer, energy 

@f0x just something I looked up online: 30g coffee, 150g ice cubes (+ extra), 350g hot water.

put the 150g ice into the coffee jug, place the filter on top and make drip coffee as usual, dripping directly on the ice. serve on glasses and add sweetener/cold milk if you prefer (it's not too strong as pure black tho). add extra ice cubes to glasses.

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