Tolkien sillypost 

remember that time Tolkien got angry that everybody collectively decided that Legolas was a bishōnen twink

haha good try old fella, you lost this one before it started

fantasy musings 

seriously tho, it's funny how fantasy settled on bows as the weapon of choice of twinks, waifs and children. a bow needs at least as much muscle as a sword, maybe more, and there's a v direct relationship between muscle and bow efficacy. you can tell a medieval bow user from their buff skeletons alone.

crossbows would've been better, but I guess they are aesthetically too "mechanical" for elves and such.

fantasy musings 

It's something I appreciate in the Wheel of Time, actually! Archers from the protagonist home region are definitely described as buff af, and the strength of the pull of various bows is mentioned repeatedly.

fantasy musings 

@elilla One place I've seen this done well: The GURPS RPG explicitly links bow range and damage to the strength of the user.

Crossbows are made with a certain strength, which determines their range and damage. The user's relative strength determines how hard it is for them to cock it (and whether, say, a goats-foot is needed).

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