work commitment 

ok so this is how the day will going to go. I will shave and dress up. I will make lunch. I will go to a cafe. I will take some friggin light academia photos. and I am going to show them how a girl can write.

I will write till either my article is fully done, or the laptop runs out of batteries, and then I will tell y'all how much I got done.

work commitment 

finished revisions from 1 out of 2 peer reviewers

work commitment 

peer reviewer #2 is harder, some stuff will take coding and (re-)reading Japanese articles. honestly the hardest thing is dealing with invalid/nonsensical criticism. I’m calling it a day. I think I can pull off the rest tomorrow.

I’m not as happy as I could be (or at all). but this is progress. at least I got some really nice selfies out of it


welp, the only thing left to do is to completely revise the entire references list.

o joy.

work done 

sent the email with the article, no turning back now >>.<<

it is done. still gotta code some data exports for later but, this one thing is done.

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modding my maps. do you like writing on your books? some find it sacrilegious. I love adding stuff like indices, IPA readings, script transcriptions etc.

...... now I can't use my maps until the ink is dry

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