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was surprised to see this (v happy) recent event in my life portrayed in Goodbye to Halos :blobaww: :patcat:

Goodbye to Halos:

- trans lesbian protagonist
- nonstop cute gay romance
- nonromantic friends being physically affectionate
- lovingly polyam feels
- its own writing systems
- its own
- "I draw my trans femmes with a bulge cause it's cute and I want to normalise it"

where. has this been all my life.

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@elilla It's pretty great. =:D

(If only more (any!) webcomics would offer the option of a downloadable *annotated* archive! So often, with the likes of GtH, I find myself wishing I could hop back to some given moment in the story, or the last time we saw a character. It's /possible/, of course, but only laboriously)

@porsupah totally, and for me it would help soo much to have an index of language appearances and such. I'm not asking for a grammar, I know she wants us to puzzle it out ourselves, but random tweets mentioned in disqus comments does not a pleasant research experience make.

wondered about Enae’s accent where, besides a straightforward lack of distinction between b/v (as v) and s/z/dʒ (as z), /k/ appears to become ‹h› in some contexts. got an answer by the author! :)

> there is a distinction between <k> and <h> (the latter of which represents /x/), however it would seem that shade phonotactics turn the former into the latter before another consonant.

(thus Hlarissa, ehstra etc.)

I think I’m in love (for a purely conceptual, abstract definition of love)

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