masto negative experiences, xenophobia 

I had a v positive experience with masto so far, interacting mostly with queer ppl. but lately my alts appear to have been found by cis-male reply guys for some reason :thinkless: especially on maybe one’s experience approaches twitter gradually after a certain boost threshold?

the latest dude, @loweel , responded with outright xenophobia upon being questioned. this kind of stuff is rare enough on masto to still feel shocking to me.

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instance block recommendation is a Pleroma instance that "stands for Freedom of Speech" (sic) and "against politically correctness and censorship", along with a small pile of dogwhistles rejecting accountability ("against character assassination" etc.). admin has thrown xenophobia at me for criticising German trans laws (above).

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instance block recommendation 

@elilla just gonna add a #FediBlock tag to this

instance block recommendation 

@elilla at this point there should be a way to automatically block plamota instances like there is gab

masto negative experiences, xenophobia 

* Declares himself a sapiosexual
* Immediately adjacent, misspells "Free Speech"

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