body hair dysphoria, laser 

the War Against Hair has just been kicked up a notch 馃挭

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hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

- even at max level, it seems to be a *lot* less powerful than a laser clinic. I haven鈥檛 tried on face yet, so my comparison might be of. but even for my belly (where the hair is still thick and black), I barely felt any pain at all, mostly heat. I hope it鈥檚 doing something!

- this does make it less scary to do on yourself tho.

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

- it is not designed for post-testosterone bodies. the application window has maybe 1cm of diameter, and you have to move overlappingly in half steps. takes forever to cover any sizeable area.

- accordingly, the battery doesn't last crap. manual says it is "normal" to have to charge midway 鈥 and each charge takes "at least 2h". dunno if I charged fully but my first try lasted some 300 pulses at max level, which amounted to ca. 鈪 my lower belly.

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

- this is in addition to the battery only lasting some 300 cycles, and being intentionally nonreplaceable so as to make the device disposable by design (see: ).

- doing laser at home has a lot of advantages over a clinic, but overall I can鈥檛 say I鈥檓 super happy with this company. everything would be so much better if it simply worked on a power cable, but nooo, they ~had~ to capitalism it.

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

likes about the tria:

- the beeps. one when lasering starts, one when it's safe to move. the beeps are soft and not annoying and 鈥 this is ~very~ important 鈥 they start concomitant with the pain, not before. might sound silly but there was an IPL machine that beeped before, and after 5m I was Pavlovianly conditioned to dread and suffering at beep.

- you don't have to press buttons, just lift and reposition. important when you do the same thing 600 times

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

this time a full a 2h charge, with brand new battery, gave me 720 zaps. this was enough for the remaining 鈪 of belly, bikini zone, and 1 boob.

I felt real pain for the first time in the bikini area. this might mean my belly hair is not as black as dysphoria wants me to believe it is. it was still quite far from the pain of facial hair removal at the clinic, and very much tolerable at max level. (I'm not strong to pain or anything!)

facial hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

what y'all were waiting for.

the tria manual says to not use it on a beard, and I regret to say it is indeed very painful.

I have 10 sessions of laser and some electro; most of my facial hair is gone, but I still have enough in a few spots to have some shadow (under the nose, on chin, and especially underlip, where the clinic's machine had trouble reaching). these areas watered my eyes with sharp pain and it was hard to force myself to keep going.

facial hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

that being said, it was certainly not *more* painful than the clinic's laser machine. and given that the power specs are the same or lower, I can't see any reason for it to be verboten, other than the company not wanting to deal with lawsuits etc. from the resulting facial skin burn damage (when I started it took like 1 week+ to heal).

the pain makes it hard to do it on yourself; I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to self-laser on full facial hair.

armpits hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

armpits pain rating: not that painful at all (at max level)! I hope it鈥檚 actually working lol.

lasering armpits and bikini area feels vaguely transhumanistic/body-modding to me, beyond simply feminising 馃槍

did the arms too but they鈥檙e partially epilated and this is one area where the estrogen has cleared a tad, so it was more tedium than pain. the good thing about lasering at home is that you can calmly put on some audiobooks, sit comfortably etc.

tria laser 4x live review, hair dysphoria, meme, silly 

trans femmes are like, "I know a place" and then zap precisely the 1cm spot where like 1 lone terminal hair pops up sometimes

tria laser 4x live review, medical curiosity, pain, tmi 

when I was 6 I was run over by a car, badly. it left me with a big scar on my right foot. I had kind of forgotten about it, but another leftover is 1 stitch that ended up never being removed. you can see it as a darker spot under the skin if you pay attention.

and ~girl~, does it hurt a lot when zapped with lasers ^^;;;

tria laser 4x live review, body hair dysphoria, transition+ 

if I get reasonably smooth legs+butt from this after 3~4mo it will be ~so~ worth the price and pain and hours of tedious application 馃グ

might be a bit hard to self-zap properly on butt tho, even with my hypermobile shoulders 馃

tria laser 4x live review, body+facial hair discussion, results updates 

folx, it works! probably 馃槍

I mean with laser you can never tell before a long wait. but my hairs are scorched carbon-black and coming out slowly, just like when I did laser in a clinic. I can shave already; probably 2~3 days after application is safe (but notice I have little facial hair left).

except for the face, I found the time and effort of applications to be bigger obstacles than the pain.

tria laser 4x live review 

took 3脳2h charges to do 01 single thigh lol.

I'm choosing to look at this as validation of my thiccness :ablobowo:

tria laser 4x live review, caps 

this is so BORING. i am BORED. it鈥檚 still my first round 鈥 I can only handle 1 body part/day max 鈥 and I鈥檓 already bored out of my mind. I need to look at it so I can鈥檛 read or watch stuff during application, and now that I finished Her Bright Ascendancy I'm out of queer fantasy to listen to.

wish I could hang out all day with a gf who plays videogames or an instrument or something and doesn鈥檛 mind me lasering interminably while resting between her legs.

possible laser hot tip, tria laser 4x live review 

lilah sturges said on twitter that she uses peel-off strips to get rid of burnt hairs a few days after laser.

makes sense to me; dead hair often comes off easily, but you can't pull them with tweezers cause if it's still alive, you want the root to stay there for the next laser. strips might have just enough force to pull the dead ones, but not the living.

I tried a bit of peeling facial mask on my leg, but this unfortunately didn't work :(

tria laser 4x live review, 1st results - 

it's now been 2 weeks since first application and I can't say I see any noticeable hair reduction 馃

at the clinic, sessions were spaced 6 weeks. it took 1 to 2 weeks to shed the burnt facial hair, but then I'd have 1~2 weeks of reduced hair, until the next crop rose.

the tria manual says to space every 2 weeks 馃し鈥嶁檧锔 and I think the hair I see isn't burnt anymore, yet there's about as many as before application.

tria laser 4x live review, 1st results - 

dunno what happened here:

- maybe it burned my hairs but failed to kill the root. the burnt part was shaved and it kept growing.

- or they're dead but taking a long time to shed, and I'm wrong that these look unburnt.

- maybe these are all new hairs; I had a lot of hair coming out and it would have been worse without the laser. (epilation would make this likely for legs, but I don't pluck or epilate face)

tria laser 4x live review, 1st results - 

- maybe the % reduction isn't good enough that results are visible on first application.

I'm going to keep using it ofc, for the prescribed 12 applications minimum. but the time demand means I might not be able to optimise the 2-week intervals (no time to do it today for ex.). I'll keep reporting here on results.

tria laser 4x live review, 1st results 卤 

I considered the results question a bit longer. even after 2~3 weeks, many (but not all) hairs def looked blacker than normal. I tried gently tugging some of these with tweezers, on the thigh. Some came out easily, like what I knew as dead burned hairs. Others, not so much.

I think it must have killed at least some hairs, but not enough to make a visible reduction against the new crop in the intervening 2 weeks.

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body hair dysphoria, laser 

@elilla holy shit i didnt know u could get those at home i thought u had to get appointments
is it mad expensive
tell me the deets

body hair dysphoria, laser 

@skelltan it's expensive af! tria 4x is the only real laser I found (there's plenty of IPL home machines but don't do IPL, itb works badly and is not worth the pain). prices run upwards of 300鈧+ 鈥 I found this for 250 in 5 installments and that's kind of a deal.

you find used ones much cheaper on ebay, but the manufacturer designed this thing to be disposable 鈥 battery has limited lifetime and is quite hard to replace. it doesn't run from a power cord either.

body hair dysphoria, laser 

@elilla I鈥檇 be interested to know how well it works.

body hair dysphoria, laser 

@ghost_bird it takes time but I'll be posting about it :)

body hair dysphoria, laser 

@elilla Oh, cool beans! Hopefully it'll be effective - I've no idea how the energy output and such compares to the big clinic ones. Even if it takes longer, units like that are way cheaper. (I think, anyway. ISTR the laser heads require replacement after a while, but even a spare or two's likely to still come in maybe 1/4 the clinic cost)

body hair dysphoria, laser 

Show that hair no mercy.

body hair dysphoria, laser 

*pew pew* 鉁ㄢ湪

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@elilla good to know it's possible to tear this this down and replace the battery should it become necessary
though I might just hook it up to a power supply then...I guess the laser needs some rather high peak currents so it's easier to get these from a battery pack than an AC adapter

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@elilla thanks for this thread! i had seen that devuce before and I was gonna ask you about it lol

tria laser 4x live review, caps 

how about, a gf to laser you while you play videogames and luxuriate and do some light reading?

tria laser 4x live review, caps 

tria laser 4x live review, medical curiosity, pain, tmi 

@elilla Ow!

facial hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@elilla I wonder if it's the length of the zaps? I'm vaguely theorising the same 20J dumped in 100ms may result in the sharp "rubber band snap" we're familiar with, but over 10x that duration, could simply be long enough for the pain to be perceived more clearly.

It does sound challenging.


hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@porsupah I feel like my subjective impression was unfair to the device 鈥 the second beep comes really right after the first, just a fraction of a second.

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@elilla Two beeps! Huh. Maybe that鈥檚 one difference in the pro kit? The Elite+ can go up to three times a second, making large areas less tedious, though it still takes a good while - about 2-3 hours for everything below the neck, when starting out, in my case. Maybe the pulses are shorter, with more power? (But briefer, so similar energy per zap)

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@porsupah yeah the application lasts maybe one second, or bit less. if you move it before it's done, it complains with a buzz instead of a beep. then you move a half-centimetre to the side, repeat. it is quite slow, but what makes it really annoyingly slow is the battery (which lasts some 600~700 zaps on full charge, and takes 2 hours to charge again). I will need 3 charges for front torso = whole evening waiting around for power.

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@elilla Mm, I suppose it's reasonable for the energy involved to be rather lower - does the manual give any actual figures?

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@porsupah pretty sure there must be regulatory issues etc. with energy levels. facial laser hair removal at the clinic could leave me with a burnt face for days, back in the beginning鈥

Manual says it鈥檚 diode laser class 1, wavelength 810 nm, fluence 7-22 J/cm虏 . it has no function to calibrate to skin colour like my clinic did.

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@elilla oh, absolutely - I recall these makers trumpeting how they were the first to receive FDA approval for such a device.

I think that energy level sounds comparable to what was used on me.. yep, 18mm width at 20J/cm虏.

Not sure, but I /think/ the YAG laser's for darker skin types. (Wish I'd found out more about what settings they were using, just for the nerd value! I recall them saying the energy was much higher on the final sessions than when they began. "Almost painless", the sites all say.. =:)

racism-adjacent, hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@porsupah laser is almost painless... on my estrogen-cleared areas. I bet they didn't even test pain levels on trans women :) the tria 4x manual forbids use on beards, incidentally.

re: skin colour, it has a safety lock that has to be opened by touch... if your skin is light enough. I understand the rationale but getting permission to use the device by literally scanning for sufficient whiteness will never not be :yikes:

re: hair removal, tria laser 4x live review wow, that's intense. I got lasers done on my face a couple years ago and had a bit of a reddish tint for the rest of the day, but that's it.

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@elilla I have the same (or a very similar looking) device and from my experience it is less effective than a professionally used laser in my face, but that also means I can't properly shave for only two days instead of ten.
Also it still hurts as fuck so I'm not using it nearly as often as I should. >.> I've got several tattoos and piercings so I'm not that squeamish, but I just hate burns of any kind.

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@satanskrapfen I鈥檓 honestly not sure if I would have the guts to apply a laser as hurtful as the clinic鈥檚 to my face, repeatedly, even with dysphoria as motivation. let鈥檚 see how the pain levels turn out for me with facial hair鈥 in one or two centuries of charging when I finish zapping my torso and reach there >.>

(I'm prioritizing torso cause I want to open skin for an underboob tattoo)

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@elilla uh that sounds really nice
and makes me think that I should probably try to get rid off at least some hair on the side of my chest where I plan my next tattoo...luckily not that much hair left thanks to HRT hair loss

I keep thinking that it would be awesome to get such a professional laser device for community use based on mutual aid instead of capitalism.

hair removal, tria laser 4x live review 

@satanskrapfen if the battery was more easily replaceable we could at least cycle the handheld devices, passing them on to the newly transitioned whenever you feel like you did enough (which is of course exactly what they are trying to prevent). dunno about the wear on other parts but surely it isn't as bad as 300 measly friggin charges

body hair dysphoria, laser 

@elilla Very interested to see how well this works. I've recently started using an IPL device to try and deal with body hair, but I'm really interested to see how well this works specifically for facial hair.

It seems like this ought to be cheaper and possibly also more convenient than getting lasered at a clinic, especially at the moment, assuming it does actually work.

re: body hair dysphoria, laser they sell
a home
hair laser thingie?

re: body hair dysphoria, laser 

@aldersprig not cheaply, but yes! I'm unsure whether it's doable to use it for full facial hair if you've never cleared it before tho. for body hair it seems ok, see thread for details!

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