«Girls Made of Snow and Glass», Melissa Bashardoust (1/3) 

"Only dead mothers are perfect"

First things first: Lesbians? Yes ✅

With that out of the way: This story was sold to me as a take on Snow White and the Snow Queen. I started reading out of my lifelong, hypnokinky crush on the latter; but I don't think the novel is very close to these tales, in theme or character.

«Girls Made of Snow and Glass», Melissa Bashardoust (2/3) 

Rather, it deals with themes one sees more often in sci-fi: Being artificial, having a constructed body, and the dehumanisation that follows. Being built differently, and being told that because of your nature, you're unable to love, that if you think you love at all you’re fooling yourself. Being a mother but just a substitute. These naturally had instant personal resonance for my transness.

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«Girls Made of Snow and Glass», Melissa Bashardoust (3/3) 

One fairy tale archetype that is explored in depth is that of the social-climber stepmother, of social structures pushing women against one another. The mother-daughter relationship is the focus of the story, and satisfyingly so. Feudalism, however, is never examined critically.

It was a light listen and I enjoyed it.

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