anybody interested in (or already did) ?

the idea is to see how much one can learn of a random language over 1 weekend. this sounds fun, I think I’ll try it!

@elilla Ha, let's see when it gets closer!

Though I already have three languages in active study at the moment, and getting a new one randomly perhaps isn't a wise move... :D

@Stoori for me at least the idea is no obligation to do anything at all with the random language after the jam is over :)

@elilla Yes, that's a big relief. But as I know myself, I wouldn't stop there but continue learning until I can read original books in the language... which may take some time! :D

@elilla Anyway, if I'm lucky, I'll get in the jam a language that's already in my future studies list. Then it'd just start a bit earlier than I've thought.

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