mtf hrt, progesterone question 

more full moon observations:
ok so I guess we all agree on the horny. but is it just me or does P make you hungry?? like "I had a full meal and some snacks but I'm craving a second dinner" hungry?

could be something else about my lifestyle/diet/body I guess, but it does appear to be dose related maybe...


mtf hrt, progesterone question 

pubmed: ‘ is generally accepted that women increase their energy intake during the luteal phase (LPh)’ (when P is high). also P is associated with gastric emptying, and the cycle with PYY. is that why I just made myself another sandwich at 23h?

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mtf hrt, progesterone question 

@elilla this sorta makes sense from an endocrinology-naive perspective: if P's gonna try and build boobs, where is it getting the building materials?

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