today's nail polish 

made a few mistakes this time (mostly being too heavy on the lacquer) and it resulted rough. I like this colour combination tho! will probably try it again. (bluish-silver is ILNP's My Little Glacier, the others a two-combo of drugstore metallic/glittery pinks).


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today's nail polish 

@elilla Never tried any of ILNP's, but I might have to. ^_^ Do they do UV gels? I'm fairly much taken by their durability, but gods know, there are a lot more makers thereof beyond just NeoNail.

A lovely combo!

today's nail polish 

@porsupah I think they don't deal in gel. ILNP for me is a sometimes treat; they're quite expensive but I've always loved the colours (I especially like the multicolour refractory metallics, while my gf is into the glitters). they last longer than the cheap brands too, though not as long as gels ofc, and have a consistency that's easy to apply. 💅

today's nail polish 

@elilla Mmm, I'd find it difficult to choose. =:) I don't really have any refractories at the moment - not sure if NeoNail do any (if indeed they're possible as gels - maybe the polymerisation of curing precludes such?). They do have some /wonderful/ glittery effect layers, though, as you've seen with Falling Star. ^_^

Ah well - hopefully won't be too long until I can peruse ILNP's range with an eye to ordering.

Definitely, cheap polishes can be a lot of hassle. Or not even worth using.. picked up a "metallic" silver that felt like iron filings in a suspension - quite rough once dried. =:P ORLY's polishes go on similarly smoothly, with brushes that are subtly shaped that they spread out into a helpful shape. Likewise, rather more expensive than, say, Maybelline, but I was impressed with the few I picked up early last year, including a cherry hue with a subtle, fine glitter to it, and the Liquid Vinyl luscious black that I enjoyed much more by itself than I expected to. =:)

today's nail polish 

@elilla That's your idea of rough? Jeez that looks like goals from here.

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