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our neolib high priest of an economy minister has just argued that the record-low currency is actually a good correction because ‘before that it was chaos, domestic servants were travelling to Disneyland’.

leaving aside the actual absurdity that is the fact we even *have* a domestic servant class in the first place, the intensity of pure disdain for poor people on open display makes my blood boil.

this is class war. they know it. & there's no way out of it but revolution.

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@elilla oh my god i saw this! the same guy who called servidores públicos (who is english anyways) parasites. he isn't even trying to hide it.

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@elilla Just so. It puts ~those people~ back in their place, in the worldview of the powerful. What are the little people /thinking/, daring to occasionally *enjoy themselves?*

And yet, plenty still vote for such disdain, always directed at the least powerful or influential in society - the worst off economically, benefits claimants, immigrants and refugees, never those who actually *have* the power.

Funny how that works. =:P

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@porsupah he later said that everybody should be able to afford a Disneyland trip once in their life, but that was a bit too much. I mean this one man judges himself worthy of being the Czar of Travel and personally judging how often the poor classes should or should not travel.

and they're still growing in popularity! 🤦‍♀️ it's really disheartening 😔

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