hello comrades!♡ I’m a Brazilian trans woman living in Germany 💕

Intend to post: selfies; trans issues; reviews of books I’m reading (mostly fantasy); comments on comic books; agitprop.

I like linux, nail polish, revolution, linguistics, made-up languages, makeup, antifa, calligraphy, , intersectional veganism &c.

My account about linguistics & academia is @melissaboiko :sparkles_trans:

and all the kudos to who graciously artsied this avatar :heart_nb:

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@elilla I just saw that anticap, vegan and DWARF FORTRESS and I just smashed that follow button.
Where do you live btw? I'm at the north of Germany and we recently got a colleague from Brazil

@charlag the matching of niche interests in masto is frankly astonishing :blobnom_trans: I'm in Bochum, I work at Ruhr-uni o/

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