I collapsed early this morning during the car ride back from kindergarten. Tears upon tears. I had to pull over. It was one of the most violent episodes I've had recently, absolutely unexpected. This can't go on like this.

Sometimes, not very often and if then only very briefly, I accept being trans and enjoy those free minutes. The rest of the time I lock myself in the cage.

Ich kann mich nicht konzentrieren, ich brauche irgendeine verdammt gute Tablette gegen Heuschnupfen (Lorano versagt) und ich bekomme die Trans-Flag nicht hinter meinen Nutzernamen.

I had a mosquito bite on my arm this morning after showering. How does that work?

Various topics that keep me busy. Women should not have to shave their legs. I shave my legs because I am a woman. (But nobody knows)

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