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good morning !

It looks really gross I think something is wrong

Not rikers polyamorous relationship with troi

as of yesterday evening, iโ€™m officially unemployed, because for the second consecutive time, my role was made redundant. super great that it happened to be right before christmas! when it seems like the job market is pretty bad!!

i uh, idk. is it at this point that i can mention the tip jar without feeling bad about it? any donation while iโ€™m job hunting helps ;-;

fucked up how the the non binary episode of star trek tng casts all the non binaries as these women so much harder for amab bodies to lose their maleness

What is your favorite place to purchase a burger?

Emotional support is heart reacting to people's troubles, that's all of it

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง We arenโ€˜t walking barcodes! Sign the brand new European Citizensโ€˜ Initiaive for banning biometric mass surveillance now! #ReclaimYourFace

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I am watching star trek tng s2 e4 the outrageous okana it's a great episode.

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