I’m going to be setting up a Mastodon server for a group of Alum from my Alma Mater! I guess I can convince people to try out community funded internet services.

A less detailed gender for when you’re farther away from the camera to save on system resources

do you ever think to yourself "holy shit i'm rly cute?"
becuase if so; yeah u are

I don't want video games to look realistic I want them to look cool

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this post is for my HATERS only. fave ONLY if you are one of my haters so i can update my list. boost to spread this post to my haters, who are probably not following me because they suck too much

Lali has warez if traveler has coin :heart_sp_pride:

My actual shop will be launching soon but consider this post an official pre-order for these sparkly QBIPOC flag stickers, designed by @unfitmisfit with profits going into the pockets of a neurodivergent QBIPOC family 🎉

Stickers are $4 each, $7 for two. They cost me about a dollar to make and the rest go towards the artist and their family. I will have dots and stars holo available in a couple of weeks as well so if you prefer those, please make sure to specify or just say Surprise me! And I'll send whatever I have in stock.

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PayPal email: 9bitglitch@gmail.com

New project I picked up on a whim: Converting my blog from WordPress to Pelican. Why do I do this to myself?

Woman in Dub by Desiree C. Bailey


You can listen to Des read the poem herself and/or read the text.

Dominique Fells
Monika Diamond
Shaki Peters
Bree Black
Brayla Stone
Riah Milton
Merci Mack
Nina Pop
Dior Ova
Queasha Hardy
Aja Rhone-Spears

are why "Say Her Name" exists. Those are all black trans women who have been murdered this year.

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I've been trying to advocate for divesting our communities from social media controlled by large corporations and I've grown increasingly frustrated by being met with apathy. More and more I'm wondering if my struggles are because I'm focusing too much on technology and not enough on what it looks like to organize communities.

How do we make community spaces people want to join? How do we convince people that joining new platforms is worth the effort? Is social media even useful anymore?

Anarchist links!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, the focus was to give a tagged place to view other spaces online. By all means please add to it.

The first tag is the primary language of the site.
The second will be either country of focus or specific topic of interest.
News - the link reports on current events with minimal analysis.
Archive - collects old, rare works and shares access
Blog - websites publish analysis and original content i.e. articles on topics, critiques, etc.
Distro - they either publish their own or collect zines from other sources and republish them
Directory - links to a large number of external projects
Publisher - publishes books and zines for sale
Zines - has a few zines
Store - seels merchandise and other non-literature things
Library - huge amount of texts available digitally

325.nostate.net/ [multilingual, news, directory, distro]
actforfree.nostate.net/ [en, prison, news, distro]
ainfos.ca/ [multilingual, news]
akpress.org/ [en, publisher, store]
amwenglish.com/ [en, revolutionary, news]
anarchistlibraries.net/ [multilingual, library, directory]
anarchistnews.org/ [en, news, social, media, distro]
anarchistsworldwide.noblogs.or [en, news]
anarchy101.org/ [en, learning]
anarchyplanet.org/ [en, chat]
anarhija.info/ [it/en, news, distro, library, directory]
anarquia.info/ [es, blog]
anticarcelaria.org/ [es, south-america, podcast, zines, news]
armthespiritforrevolutionaryre [en, revolutionary, archive, library, distro]
asranarshism.com/ [fa, afghanistan, iran, news]
attaque.noblogs.org/ [multilingual, news]
autonomynews.org/category/news [en, autonomy, news]
autonomynews.org/ [en, england, revolutionary, news]
barrikade.info/ [de, switzerland, news]
bcblackout.wordpress.com/ [en, canada, news]
blackautonomynetwork.noblogs.o [en, blackness, zines]
contrainfo.espiv.net/ [multilingual, news/blog, directory]
contramadriz.espivblogs.net/ [es, news/blog, distro]
crimethinc.com/ [multilingual, news/blog, media, distro, store]
czarnateoria.noblogs.org/ [pl, news]
darknessoutside.home.blog/ [en, prison, anti-racism, australia, zines, blog]
enoughisenough14.org/ [en/de, news/blog, store]
itsgoingdown.org/ [en, activism, news]
kolektiva.media/ [multilingual, media]
littleblackcart.com/ [en, publisher, store]
malacoda.noblogs.org/ [it, zines, news]
mtlcounterinfo.org/ [en/fr, canada, news/blog, zines]
ni.hil.ist/ [multilingual, nihilism, social]
non-fides.fr/ [multilingual, blog, directory]
north-shore.info/ [en, canada, news]
postromanticqueerwave.noblogs. [en, queer, distro, art]
publicacionrefractario.wordpre [es, prison, news]
pugetsoundanarchists.org/ [en, us, news/blog, zines]
raddle.me/ [multilingual, social, news]
ragnarok.squat.gr/ [gr, insurrection, news/blog]
sansattendre.noblogs.org/ [fr, insurrection, news, directory]
sproutdistro.com/ [en, distro]
sub.media/ [multilingual, media]
theanarchistcinema.org/ [en, media]
theanarchistlibrary.org/ [en, library, directory]
unicornriot.ninja/ [en, us, news]
urbanguerilla.org/ [en, history, archive]
warriorpublications.wordpress. [en, canada, indigenous, news]
warzonedistro.noblogs.org/ [en, green-anarchy, distro]

Anyone know of queer folk who blog/vlog about free minimalist software? I'm currently running suckless stuff, but all the people I know who make content about it are 4chan or adjacent. I'm tired of reading/watching software reviews with a side of shitty takes lol.

Help, I'm a (4627, H) Dragon and my Kobolds (18F), (23M), (33H), (21F),(38F), (23F), (33F), (21F),(18M), (23M), (31H), (21M),(44F), (23M), (33m), (21F),(18F), (23M), (33H), (21F), have Unionized! What do I do?

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