ACABIRLOBTOIDBAAFI: All Cops Are Bastards In Real Life, Obviously, But The Ones In Discworld Books Are Actually Fairly Interesting. Our episode on GUARDS! GUARDS! is live! (live!)

Buuuut if you'd rather not sit through a two-hour episode to find out where it lands in our rankings, let's go to the big board...

Looks like we've got a new Number One! Congratulations, GUARDS! GUARDS! Let's see how long you can hold onto that coveted top spot, shall we?

political ideas 

@discpod Got to June talking about Ankh-Morpork as kind of a libertarian hellscape and wanted to share a thought.

It's not saying unfettered libertarianism will works, it's saying it would NOT work without an infinitely clever and determined dictator in Vetenari. He is required to make sure that capital *remembers* that it needs to protect common interests to protect its own interests.

political ideas 

@rockario this is really it, ain't it. libertarianism only really works when there's someone with a big-ass spiked bat standing behind it

political ideas 

@discpod "you see, we're being cruel and abusive so that you learn how to deal with people being abusive in the real world."
But all the way up

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