the second half of the Light Fantastic ep should go live tomorrow barring any catastrophes, btw!! <3 listen to the first half here:

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just cut the episode for Equal Rites! this book definitely had Some Genders in it. that is all i will say for now. Gender is included. whether in a good or bad way is up to debate. gonna be a great ep though, i can't wait for y'all to hear it "I keep trying to murder the Archchancellor, but I'm too dummy thicc. The clap of my asscheeks keeps alerting him." Part One of our review of THE LIGHT FANTASTIC is live! Get hyped for Part Two in 2 weeks!

Recording our next episode of Disc Coverers today!!! VERY excited to tackle THE LIGHT FANTASTIC and find out what the heck is so fantastic about all this light, anyway


Congratulations to THE COLOUR OF MAGIC for taking the top spot as the best Discworld novel we've read so far!

And condolences to THE COLOUR OF MAGIC for taking the bottom spot as the worst Discworld novel we've read so far!

Great job! Also, sorry!

Show thread AND WE'RE LIVE!! Episode 1: THE COLOUR OF MAGIC. Listen either through the website or through Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music or the site's RSS feed!

Episode one, THE COLOUR OF MAGIC, is coming soon!!! Like, in the next few minutes. Give it a sec to finish uploading. Exciting!!

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Our website is at ! We also have a Twitter account over at, if you're into the whole corporate social media thing! And you can subscribe to our show on Spotify, Apple Music or Google Music, as well as through the RSS feed on our site! SO MANY OPTIONS.

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Welcome to the Twitter account for Disc Coverers, the only podcast that aims to objectively rank every single novel in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series! Yes, we're serious! Hosted by @irisjaycomics , @BestGirlGrace , @junebug and @Balina . Not Safe For Work, unless your office is cool with cussin'.

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