Selfies; ec; Transition Feels; Shaving 

Selfie ec grimacing 

Foppish Selfie ec; gay slurs reclamation 

If I learned anything from "The Rugrats" it's that responsibility is for 3 year olds and I am not that

Group selfie ec 

Selfie no ec 

Selfie floofy hair no ec 

Work toot; Cute example 

Questionable Content 

Questionable Content 

My brother's Twiger (undies) 

Sibling Selfies; ec 

Selfie; ec; low spoons 

Needles HRT; nude not lewd; feet 

I say I'm Veronica but I might be Heather Chandler gods

Commission / Header Pic / Ace Gushing 

Okay after that last the words of Freckle:

I need a wet shower

Ec; crop top & jacket selfie 

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