@deme ya gotta reach me first!

stands up on two feet

@Lotherme *toot about how cute it would be for behemoth to have bridge in mouth like dog w/bone*

@Lotherme agreed

I don't think I have the drawing skillset to do it but I'm open to helping find someone who does 💜

@Lotherme plz draw it myself or find someone who will? :P

@Lotherme I might try but I'm gonna focus on the latter bc it's a little beyond me *scritches* I want to see it pretty intensely too, don't worry

@Lotherme @cassdoodles@vulpine.club do you have any interest in a commish like this?

Maybe w/me and/or some number of lounging in the foreground in a park w/Loth in the mid-ground/bg grabbing and bridge in his mouth w/active commuters on it while we encourage/cheer him on/coo to him to bring it to us?

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