If you're not mildly in love with me you're living your life wrong

@deme What about those who love you more than mildly? :thinknegative:

@pillowcat do you really want to live your life by someone else's standards? 💋

@pillowcat I honestly don't know if the trail off is b/c you do wanna live that way or don't x3;

@deme Well, it's more... is it still living by someone else's standards when they're your own standards, but the point is having someone else tell you to do it? :blobthinkingsmirk:

@pillowcat 👀

that's called asking for permission from your Goddess

@deme well that’s one thing I’m doing right, at least

@Lotherme aww I love sweet behemoth too; guess you're living your life well :purple_sparkling_heart: u///u

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