All trans folk are either biopunk or cyberpunk deities and all cis need to fear and worship us

In the not so distant future, when trans have become as to gods, we will hold a monopoly on validity freely shared upon all who desire it for scarcity is a myth.

And yet, the cis shall come begging to us for even that tiny morsel of knowing they're cis

In the coming world of shapeshifters and trans-humanity, the cis are but unshaped & hardened rocks in a sea of sand castles and gleaming sculptures of glass and clay

@deme I defy categorisation by categorising myself as both cyber and bio

@ThatWallflower you are so valid I can scream and never stop 💜

@deme Hello. What is biopunk, and can I be a solarpunk deity?

@Tsiluciole I believe you already are a solarpunk deity ;)

And biopunk is the biotech answer to cyberpunk. Think chimeras and body experiments and bioweapons and the like (but also the homebrew, anarchist versions of those tech and creatures rebelling)

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