Well, I did test high in exorcism on my spiritual gifts test. — tehfraga

I don’t understand straight couples. Which one of you is the vampire and which one is the vampire hunter? — archangelic

::gestures around kitchen:: well, yeah, this is where we do the crumbly things. — archangelic

Butt, butt, butt, butt, butt, booty cheek. — tehfraga

wait, wait, wait. You want a double chalupa and two chalupas? — tehfraga

tehfraga definitely just used their phone to call archangelic’s computer from another room of the apartment to ask for some food lol.

He’s meowing into my underwear. — archangelic

We need to go to bed so we can wake up in the morning and do the billions of things we have to do like make chili and vote...

The gay agenda. — tehfraga

Because when I think pistachios, I think Walgreens... — archangelic

Who am I to disagree with my emotional support animal?! — tehfraga

You missed me eating with my mouth. — tehfraga

I just tried to drink water out of my phone. — tehfraga

Oh so you’re saying the world doesn’t revolve around me? Oh, okay. Good to know. Thanks. — tehfraga

When you have femme days, but then masc days, but then null days, but then neo days, but then everything days, but then transcendent days...

Metal Gender Solid VI: The Enby Pain

22:22 tehfraga: god fucking damn it. panicking about the apocalypse again.

PSA: STOP HOLDING DOORS OPEN FOR WHEELCHAIR USERS. We are experts. We know what we need and how we need it. You cause us actual real HARM when you do not listen to us.

Art piece: boner in the dessert. — archangelic

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