the idea that Elon Musk is probably a very unhappy person doesn't bring me joy but it does bring me a little "serves you right" satisfaction

“get in bitch, i don’t know what the fuck we’re doing.” — tehfraga

It’s a very inspiring goat, okay?! — tehfraga

I’m sorry, can we go back to the carnivorous worm, please? — tehfraga

ohmygod fine, I’ll go to fucking space with you. I guess. — tehfraga

pinhook for ~town mayor 2020

archangelic: does that mean your body is a spaceship?

tehfraga: aren’t all of our bodies technically space ships?

archangelic: biiiiitch...

I’m gonna share my BBQ Pork with you. And if that isn’t true love, then idk what is. — tehfraga

“Like A Virgin” as performed by Hillsong United — archangelic


Well every tightrope act has to have a unicyc—not on their neck though!! — archangelic

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Every time I imagine a drink, I imagine it in one of those wine glasses. You know, in case that’s helpful. — tehfraga

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2017 was the year everyone was flipping off Trump Towers. Now we’re all becoming communists. Things change. — archangelic

Well I’m gonna examine my white privilege for a minute while I make some hashbrowns. — archangelic

Now I only have to take 17 pills at night!! — tehfraga

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