Grey’s anatomy referenced but no spoilers.

Story of a self call out.

archangelic: I love you, Maggie.

tehfraga: she’s just so blunt and up front but she’s so polite about it in a way I can’t seem to do...

tehfraga, after a pause: well, to be fair, she doesn’t walk into a room swinging her dick around and calling everyone an asshole.

archangelic: -dies of laughter-

cw food 

You know, I’d love to date an Italian guy but uh.....I can’t have that many carbs. — tehfraga


Listen, AMABs have nipples because they’re happy little pleasure buttons okay?!?! — tehfraga


tehfraga: well i’m just gonna go in our room, i guess, and try not to kill myself. heh.
archangelic: heh heh heh heh heh i was gonna say good luck.
tehfraga: i’ll fucking take it dude, i need all the luck i can get.
archangelic: oh okay, then good luck!!
tehfraga: thanks!

“i mean, you fucked a werewolf. come on, chill!” — tehfraga to sam winchester

archangelic: i love your tum...
tehfraga: thanks. i grew it myself.
archangelic: *cackling*
tehfraga: i curated it. with the finest of foods.
archangelic: mostly bagel bites.

“oh. that’s not the remote, that’s his paw.” — archangelic

archangelic: no, it’s tillamoooooook.
tehfraga: oh, i thought it was scappoooooose!
archangelic: nope, it’s tillamooooook!

tehfraga: “i saved this video for us to watch together but then i remembered that you said this kid is annoying as fuck, yeah?”

archangelic: “well he has a prank show. in 2019. so.”

cannabis strain mention 

“damn!! sister glue hits hard!

it, like, shows up to the party buck ass naked.

with a bag of ice.” -tehfraga

archangelic: we should watch Dune.
tehfraga: ::has look of horror and disgust on face::
archangelic: ::laughs:: it has Sting in it!
tehfraga: ::blinks:: you know this is...having the opposite of the effect you want...right...?
archangelic: ::snorts and dies laughing::

“now look boys, see how nice it is when you work together? at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whose dick is bigger when you’re rubbing them together.” — tehfraga

“get in bitch, i don’t know what the fuck we’re doing.” — tehfraga

It’s a very inspiring goat, okay?! — tehfraga

I’m sorry, can we go back to the carnivorous worm, please? — tehfraga

ohmygod fine, I’ll go to fucking space with you. I guess. — tehfraga

pinhook for ~town mayor 2020

archangelic: does that mean your body is a spaceship?

tehfraga: aren’t all of our bodies technically space ships?

archangelic: biiiiitch...

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