me, googling: *types "how to tell a crow I mean it no harm and want to be its friend"*

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@Taweret @dargi_dargon
I was just going to say that!
Make sure they are unsalted (but they will wash them off if water is available - they aren't stupid!)

@dargi_dargon since crows are hella smart, my method is "make sure they know you know they're there, then leave suitable food out for them." after that, it's just a matter of regular appearances. they'll learn what you look like and associate you with food quickly if you keep it up.

here's a list of things crows should and shouldn't eat, if you'd like to know more:

@dargi_dargon from what I've seen around. . . greet them.

Every time you walk into an area with a crow, make the same noise(maybe a specific whistle even just "hi crow"). It'll speed up their recognition of you as a human seperate from the rest. Be careful with this though because if you ever do them wrong, they will pass on your mugshot to their offspring and neighbouring flocks.

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