the princess bride is a timeless work of art

I use the phrase "fallen for one of the classic blunders" pretty regularly in everyday life and tbh I'm astonished that there are not more people doing this

tfw yr boss has drunk so much capitalist koolaid that he becomes physically enraged upon hearing "profit is the anathema of quality and success"

if you challenge your boss to one-to-one combat and win, you get their job. if your boss is the owner of the company, you get their job and the company.

24/7 queer breakfast diner with free digital jukebox and large windows with long windowsills full of various sized succulents overlooking all the wall booths

24/7 queer breakfast diner with free digital jukebox

if a business fails due to incompetence or unlawful behavior on the part of ownership, control and possession of that business and all its assets should be immediately revoked and granted to the remaining employees of said business

btw I have no fucking clue about horoscopes and astrological charts and all that jazz but that will never make me stop cracking "mercury in gatorade" jokes

if you cross paths with someone carrying an obviously heavy or unwieldy load, and you try to dart in front of them without express instruction to do so from the carrier, congrats, you're an asshole

I can always tell who has or has not worked in food service by the way they react to crossing paths with someone carrying a big or heavy load while they themselves are carrying nothing

dude from management: *tries to joke around with me while I'm constructing a very large, dangerous sign*

me: dude, this is a $4000 sign and you really think coming over here and distracting me is a good idea? don't you have any actual work you could be doing?

gonna start "pinning" my top posts by simply screenprinting them onto tshirts

boss: how do you expect me to know all these intricacies of running a business?! I shouldn't be penalized just because I don't know what to do!

me: if you get pulled over for speeding, does pleading ignorance of the speed limit get the pig to stop writing you a ticket?

in an unsurprising twist of events, it turns out that, yes, your boss is just a greedy idiot

real great to work in a hot, muggy warehouse doing hard physical labor with no ac, fans, or cold water, and to see all the office fucks standing around in the air conditioning just shooting the shit. feels real good.

landlords are actually just 10,000 leeches in an Edgar suit

what is it about overpaid people that makes them so fucking tactless while also being super needy with their desire to socialize like they're somehow a real person

mh - 

me, screaming at ownership and management: my god! we all just want to stop living paycheck to paycheck and work someplace that doesn't make us question reality! why is this so difficult for you to comprehend!?

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