I mean I've always lusted after the style of building holding a shop/restaurant on the ground level and a level or three of apartments up top. I just see no reason why one couldn't incorporate all of it into a single entity. no bank overlords, it's all just... the thing (i don't have a name yet, I haven't thought of anything majestic enough). but I can still feel the dream in my bones

I once made a post on tumblr ab my dream life gig, involving a 24/7 lesbian breakfast diner attached to a small cafe, under an apartment building owned by the restaurant, with a gay dive bar on the other side of the building. no profit. all community investment. jobs and homes for local queers in need. I get to live there and cook and maintain the 18 bajillion succulents strewn about the place. community events and classes. resources and recreation. and bacon. so much bacon

do not underestimate the joy I receive at cooking food for ,any people to eat and enjoy and gain valuable sustenance

ah no you see i only have an antigender, which annihilates gender upon contact. thus i cannot fill in your “gender” “form” without creating a dangerous singularity, send toot

what good are pod people doppelgangers if they won't even cover a shift for you every once in a while

whenever one of my coworkers says "good morning" to me, I'm gonna respond with "well its morning, at least"

my body does not want me to be awake or moving

roses are blue
violets are red
who said genetic
modification was dead

Roses are red
And oft bring elation
Now witness the full power
Of this fully-operational battle station.

* combining this meme and Presidents of the United States gets me to; *

Roses are red
A laser might've missed 'em
You would prefer another target,
A military target?
Then name the system.

me #1:
roses are red
and, therefore, are commies
don't fuckin @ me
my fetish is mommies

me #2, screaming: go to bed already you Dumb Sack OF SHIT

roses are red
their scent: quite sublime.
if asked, they would say:
be gay, do crimes

roses are orange
violets are orange
daisies are orange
I might be color deficient

violets are blue
yr super cute
let's go make out
and fuck

send toot

roses are red
work is a prison
let's overthrow
this "capitalism"

despite my ardent admissions that I don't want to get stuck in one position, that I need cross training and a shifting work space and a changing task list to maintain my edge and drive... working hard to get those things has just gotten me pigeonholed as a person who does heavy lifting tasks that "normal employees" aren't capable of.

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