don't like the dream you're having? go to sleep in the dream and you can dream of yourself dreaming a better dream

had another dream where I was, for some reason, driving a big heavy van with bad brakes through traffic patterns that involved several nefarious lane switches, u-turns, and Illegal Traffic Maneuvers only to find out that I never needed to leave my original parking space, and the whole ordeal made me just want to go back to bed (in the sleeping compartment inexplicably located directly above the cab) despite the fact that i was already asleep irl

Make rich people live without AC and then they will care about climate change

"im a self-described 'contrarian bastard'" oh ok you're a gaslighting liar who needs a stompin

I would gladly deal with hypothermia if it meant I could stop feeling my life fluid seeping out of all my pores

nothing like a grueling 9 hour shift in a stuffy warehouse with no ventilation or AC and people keep stealing your only fan and getting shitty with you when you confront them and retrieve it

it is always dangerous to trust a white dude with an easy smile

me: *listening to coworkers 'discover' non-binary pronouns*

them: but I don't know ANYONE who identifies as non-binary

me: well you know at least one

them: wait, really? who is it? WHO IS IT?!

me, staring at them with a look of sheer disbelief: really

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fuck jobs fuck america fuck linkedin fuck cops fuck capitalism fuck racism fuck queer hatred fuck classism fuck cancer fuck the last month or so

the year is 2400. mediocre white dudes are still mediocre and hopelessly ignorant to their own worthlessness, but we don't let them run shit anymore

"gratitude doesn't pay my bills" is my new work catch phrase for anyone who fucks me over and thanks me afterwards for doing a good job anyway (bc i live in constant visceral fear of poverty, homelessness, and unemployment which compels me to do "good work" even when I'd rather say "fuck off and do it yourself")

I feel like someone is sneaking into my room while i sleep and pumping me full of Sleepy Bitch Juice

is this the day I viciously murder all my coworkers? more at 10.

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