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Hey wassup GDQ, I'm Soph and I'm gonna be speed running this ASMR video. So I'm running sleep percent, so I'm going to be using this fmri machine to record when I hit REM sleep. Time starts when I press play and stops when when I hit REM. For the sake of consistency I will be using hypno strat and we only have one shot on the live stage. So if we can get silence in the chat for

[Loud obnoxious cheering, and then suddenly and uniformly the hall goes quiet]

Just read the SCUM Manifesto. Solanas was clearly onto something about patriarchy, but she attributes its politics to a bioessentialism that should not be accepted. I would not recommend this one

can't get the doctor to start referring to my x-ray images as my "bonesona ref sheet."

this medical system sucks.

I'm a centrist: I don't think jar jar binks was a sith lord, but I do think he used the force in some way

So I was Classpecting the characters in my groups Masks campaign, and here's what's up. Our group is comprised of:

Artie D (mine): Rogue of Heart
Jake: Lord of Rage
Alison: Heir of Doom
Resonance: Thief of Light
B.R.Y.N.R.: Knight of Space

I am thinking about the pajama Sam lesbians again

Rest my beating heart a nsfw game with a safe word mechanic?

Omg who is this goblin! I think I love them! Big Entrapta Energy already!

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And you have options for 3 different appendages, a cyborg vagina, a cyborg penis, and a touch pad!

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This game didn't need to go all out and have 3 different GRS paths regardless of pronouns 😭😭😭 you mean I can have cyborg dick and not have it detract from my womanhood 😭😭😭 GOD BLESS QUEER GAMING

a californian is just a democrat texan. i will not elaborate on this

games journalism is impressive in one single way, they found a way to make journalists even shittier! imagine that!

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unwavering loyalty to the captain of a sinking ship while lifeboats are available is apparently something that happens in US politics

Those who produce everything have nothing, and those who produce nothing have everything. Such a state of affairs can only produce antagonism between the laboring class and the owning, i.e., do-nothing, class. The fight breaks out and hatred delivers its blows.
-- Marius Jacob

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