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hi, i'm dafne (she/they) :blobnomcookie: i've been around on mastodon since pretty much the beginning but went on a long hiatus discovering myself :blobtrans:, but i'm back here for the lovely community :patcat: i post tech for the most part but also shitpost a fair bit :yikes: i work on infra/devops stuff on the daily with a little node/js sprinkled here and there too~ i also write a tech blog & some gnome extensions && have been a long time linux user and foss lover~~ :blobuwu:

also for like the longest time growing up i assumed that english/european surnames were like a name of either one of their grandparents but apparently the only reason my family has kiyui as a surname is because we chose so because unlike in indonesia you can’t just have a single name

my sister just learned that our actual surname/grandfather’s name is kiyŭi and that print actually changed our names to kiyui instead 🤧

/idk why i feel like i need to justify my choices//

inb4 ew u use iphone i bet your brain lkike 2 digit iqs only ...%yield slurs%:

- the apple watch was the only waterproof wearable device that respected my privacy enough
- android has become an increasingly locked ecosystem, but i couldn't use a de-googled phone because i rely on proprietary apps for work
- i cannot use a 3rd party OS because of things like e-Hailing services (i tried using only public services and my banana phone for a while but that got me into trouble a few times)
- etc+++

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one of my biggest gripes with using an iPhone has been how hard it's been to sync anything with a PC, especially if you're trying to avoid services like iCloud/Google Photos.. for privacy reasons (which 99% of the people i associate with are incapable of understanding). iTunes is trash and has not worked for me once.. meaning i have not backed up anything on my iPhone since i first got it in ~may this year

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making sure not to hurt the feelings of “sensitive content”

mmm caved in and bought g-fuel and the shipping costs more than the actual product 😚 the 2nd world is real class

*discovers a feature of a program i commonly use by whilst reading the source code*

are you 1) a puts weird characters and symbols in song names musician because ur 3 edgy 1 u or 2) a puts weird characters and symbols in song names musician because you trust your listeners to use file systems that support those characters

should i OT this blessed friday or code on stuff no one other than myself would use hMMMmmmMMmM

why is the rest of the world also participating for black friday i

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