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anyhow if anyone likes food photos i’ll be reviewing tonnes for as part of a dare at

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btw my pixelfed alt is @dafnelately, gonna slowly populate it with travel pics & artsy fartsy things of sort~

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hi, i'm dafne (she/they) :blobnomcookie: i've been around on mastodon since pretty much the beginning but went on a long hiatus discovering myself :blobtrans:, but i'm back here for the lovely community :patcat: i post tech for the most part but also shitpost a fair bit :yikes: i work on infra/devops stuff on the daily with a little node/js sprinkled here and there too~ i also write a tech blog & some gnome extensions && have been a long time linux user and foss lover~~ :blobuwu:

wait this site is throwing ssl errors on my firefox but working on mobile whats happenin

through our research we discovered that transfeminine individuals are not immune to deceit via aquamarine plushies

things i've learned from this toot:
- fedi is gay
- fedi is hacker

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definitely not a hoax, uspol 

🚨 BREAKING: Biden signs executive order making it illegal to post hoax headlines on Mastodon, in an attempt to combat the rampant "shitposting" epidemic in the US.

dafne get a single server application approved challenge

I'm hearing reports that there are lesbians on

why don't people “understand lgbt” it's so simple gay men like men & lesbian women like women & to tell the difference between bi/pan/omnisexuals all you need is advanced set theory knowledge

piss off your local transmed by performing a endocrime

i'm proud to boast that i have eaten more cucumber variety than the average person

the realisation that i am totally in power to make these decisions for our product lmao

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call your services `skirtgospinnyd.service` & they can't resist tooting about it & by then you would've been able to identify the hack

protect your servers from catgirl hackers by planting blåhaj honeypots

May is Mental Health Month. I’m celebrating by having depression and anxiety.

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