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hi, i'm dafne (she/they) :blobnomcookie: i've been around on mastodon since pretty much the beginning but went on a long hiatus discovering myself :blobtrans:, but i'm back here for the lovely community :patcat: i post tech for the most part but also shitpost a fair bit :yikes: i work on infra/devops stuff on the daily with a little node/js sprinkled here and there too~ i also write a tech blog & some gnome extensions && have been a long time linux user and foss lover~~ :blobuwu:

why is customer support the most painful experience like why is it exclusively not even bad but HORRIBLE

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so i contacted sephora about changing the email address linked to my account and they gave me a step by step tutorial on how to activate my account. i.. cannot..

*forwards photos from bunny bot to my girlfriend to win kudos every day*

so i’ve switched to amaroq but honestly mast was tonnes more intuitive to use, if not a bit buggy 🤧

> Note that our test for validity is much stricter than RFC-5322's definition

but why?? all i want to do is sign into my bloody sephora account and you're telling me that the top level domain can only between 2-4 characters long??

i have lived long enough to become one of those blue haired feminists that my friends used to hate on whaddup

i was a total chad pre-hrt, wearing skirts and what not, but now that i literally pass better i've only boymoded* to the point that i felt weirded out trying out my new cute yoga shorts today tf

*tight jeans plus some metal tee like i'm 15 again

i.. really.. need.. more devops on my team.. 🤯

*forever breaks my lazada recommendations by searching for lewd christmas sweaters as a gag for my friends*

château? ah yes, I know french. that means "cat water"

i used piktostory to translate a dutch meme video to english, i finally feel like i'm working on a valuable product ngl

you're not wedded because you haven't found true love or something dumb like that

i'm not wedded because it's illegal

we are not the same

people that say that the happiest day of their lives was their wedding day obviously do not own a “Handheld Smoothie Blender” and it shows

okay so the jaybirds i got from my company broke a month ago and i've been trying out for a lucky draw on grab for some airpod pros and have put in >25 entries thus far. i really am hoping for the best cause i can't justify the spend on myself.


how do people figure this stuff out? help needed

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