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Well, I guess it's time for my !

I'm Dael, I'm a nonbinary :heart_nb: (they/them) non-human aspie from Spain.

My main interests are programming (nothing too hard), writing poetry and conlanging. I have an index of my poetry at

I'll be slowly moving here from @daelvn , but in the meanwhile, hi!

*me after explaining something to my class*

questions? doubts? suggestions? comments?


i didnt know an eyelid could twitch to much in a such short span of time

i have NOT spent half an hour trying to do my first eyeliner and i am NOT still trying with the left one

cursed eating habit, seasoning 

tops put their fingers in an L shape and bottoms put their chins in the L

whenever i see two male presenters on tv i automatically assume they're gay and married

*opens instagram*
*closes instagram*

*opens instagram again*
"no wait i wanted to close this"
*closes instagram*

*opens instagram*

rms, out of the loop 

as someone with a kinda passion for biology, i would love to document the vampire bodily processes with the same detail as human ones are described

sometimes i will listen to smother by daughter and other times to unsainted by slipknot. what is even my music taste.

"why doesn't my town have a local cryptid"

become the cryptid yourself then, coward

my aesthetic is abandoned angel statues in graveyards

mastodon but it's like r/place and you can only toot once in a day

so i just watched both IT movies, i actually liked them, even found them sad at some points, and i'm a big fan of baing sad

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