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new pfp!

(i'm very sorry that i dont have the picrew to this one!)

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Well, I guess it's time for my !

I'm Dael, I'm a nonbinary :heart_nb: (they/them) non-human aspie from Spain.

My main interests are programming (nothing too hard), writing poetry and conlanging. I have an index of my poetry at

I'll be slowly moving here from @daelvn , but in the meanwhile, hi!

me being a fake capitalist 

on the counterpart i bought shiny gold nail polish for my light outfits to get that angelic look(tm)

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i bought black nail polish and im wearing it to school, that's it, i guess im emo now

capitalism hot take 

nerdy gender pun 

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nerdy gender pun 

you: normal music
me, an intellectual: 10 hours of the PlayStation 2 startup sound

i am not afraid to say that sometimes i depend on KnowYourMeme to understand a meme

catpol, THAT ancap 

catpol, curseword 

twenty one pilots' quiet game but in mastodon: we all have to remain silent and avoid tooting and see how long we last

how do you say subtoot but when it's inspired by a post instead of an user

world: *rains*

me: *opens window*
*breathes in fresh air*
*consumes human souls*
*uwus very hard*


manga page, ons spoilers 

my worst purchase, self-image, graphic (self-harm) + 

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my worst purchase, self-image, graphic (self-harm) 

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my worst purchase, self-image 

dear ancap i shared my flight with and to who i just talked on instagram

"there will always be a social hierarchy because good looking people find love and bad people die alone, and your communism doesn't fix that" is NOT a valid argument

thank you

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