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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.”

from most to least interested but i like them all !

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if you see any sketchy people in the replies of my posts, please report them and let me know too. apparently theres a wave of trolls coming here to harass. luckily manually reviews all reports

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im robin from . im completely new here
im an and i study computer science. i like , and . my current obsession is origami

i'm a half activist and i just mostly post what comes to my mind and i have a lot of thoughts :D

is there any way to see the local timelime of a different instance? i wanna see content. the federated timeline is also a huge mess :blobfoxhyper:

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@Curator I strongly suggest people CW their twitter posts as twitter posts if they must crosspost too. I have legitimate trauma from that horrible place so it gives me the badfeels. I hate that i have to have a vague presence there to keep in contact w friends

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IIt's important to note that Masto (and the fediverse) is not an 'alternative Twitter'. It's an entirely different platform that has its own unique culture. We don't chase likes or follows or popularity, we don't present as brands or 'personalities'. We care about each others' personal lives and wholesome engagement on a more individual level.

If you're going to use a Masto to Twitter crossposter, please keep this in mind, and ideally, cross post from here to there, and not there to here.

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#DraculaDaily has begun today, with the May 3 entry in Jonathan Harker's diary! he seems to be having a lovely train tour of eastern Europe, and is about to go meet up with some guy whom I guess he found through couchsurfing or something. what a lovely vacation!

read along with us via email or rss:

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dracula daily, may 5 

jonathan harker is the most clueless dolt to ever have dolted into horror writing


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Why we want Reproductive Rights, and not just abortion access.

Transgender People have been forcibly sterilized in this country, in some states, to this day

Neurodivergent people have been sterilized, and this practice sadly exists to this day.

Disabled people have been sterilized, and sadly continues to this day.

A long standing Inmate sterilization program exists to this day.

Indigenous people were sterilized as part of a Colonial Genocide progrom, that ended as recently as 2006.

i did my internet of things exam yesterday, missing the work day completely

today i come back and all internet connection is down. i cant even sign into the printer


im sorry if i disappear for a while i have a ✨✴️ fear of change ✴️✨


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I made some owl sketches today. This one I finished digitally.

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Why do people here refer to Twitter as "birdsite"? /1 

For many accounts that have been here for some time, Twitter was a very unsafe place. It was a place we suffered so much harassment, hate and bile, we finally made the often hard decision to switch to this smaller, but much friendlier and truly social network.
We wanted to leave Twitter behind. We had enough of the toxic algorithms that changed people's behaviour over there for the worse. We didn't want to be reminded of Twitter.

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wait let me get this clear

if my post privacy is "unlisted" it wont even show up on the home timeline? to the people that follow me?

how great is this app for artists and their commission business, i wonder?

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friends: i've made some tweaks to's code, and we now support a longer character limit when content warnings are enabled - a huge thanks to @CobaltVelvet for the implementation.

Note that this will only work when you're using the web interface! third-party clients do not (to the best of my knowledge) have any way of knowing this is supported :(

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The Mastoverse at large has many blind and partially sighted users who would still love to engage with your creative content!

We strongly encourage use of image alt text to describe the images and videos you upload, and a lot of people won't boost ('retweet') content with no alt text.

After adding an image or video to your toot, you can click 'Edit' on the media to enter a description.

Media that doesn't have alt text will have a little blue dashed border around it in the feed.

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