It should be illegal to own a home you don't live in

@crepuscularCanid it should be doubly illegal to own a home that no one lives in

@crepuscularCanid @shonalika I realize this was probably an off-the-cuff pithy remark and if you don't wanna get into it that's totally fine. I wonder how y'all feel about adding something like "except state ownership" like for public housing or something something land trusts or cooperatively owned housing.

@crepuscularCanid Ooh I love this idea! That would certainly handle the problem of foreign investors buying up all the property in an area, thus driving prices down and making it impossible for the homeowners who actually live there that are left to get mortgages :(

He means to say there will be no house/apartment for rental.

It is referring to anti capitalist

@selea @crepuscularCanid

@noor yes thank you but please check my bio/pronouns


Well, that is not what is written, I guess @crepuscularCanid have to clarify it

@selea i mean people wouldn't be boosting this if they didn't understand it :/

Haha, John,

What sense did you understand this ? 😀


@selea @crepuscularCanid


Well, not everyone is able to buy their own house/apartment, and from what I have seen - the government is not the best one to keep apartment/houses up to standard compared to supposed capitalist companies while the price where basically the same.


My initial thought is same as yours and wondered some time.

Maybe, if house/apartment are built to rent but just live for oneself, could it be logic for the price to become affordable ?

So common people afford their own place?

I no expert in anticapitalist. Just my basic knowledge

@selea @crepuscularCanid

@crepuscularCanid @pinkprius I think about this often. I wonder what it would be like.

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