I do believe any company will just be better if it's worker-owned. The rich are leeches; they are completely unnecessary.

@cosmicrose except if they're philanthropists, but good philanthropists are rare. Also, I hate how certain companies are like so big when they are trashing their employees, I believe directors and CEOs should work for a week or a month on the workfloor and be treated like trash and without power (oof I often write transh instead of trash and trans instead of trash too luckily I corrected myself)

@therealprocyon stealing enough money to be considered a philanthropist is the antithesis of philanthropy

@cosmicrose true, if you put it in that light everything becomes really dark. And now I think of something else I dreamt IIRC which was dark and it's all vague (IIRC had to do with a dystopian world). Anyway Elon Musk is a jerk, Jeff Bezos too.

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