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girls with short hair ❀️
guys with long hair ❀️
anyone with one side very short and the other side very long :blobhearteyes:

I just still can't believe she did this. She ruined everything.

Would anyone tell me that she was wrong to leave me and that I'm good person who shouldn't have been abandoned like that

I've been thinking of my ex-fiancee way way way too much recently. It's been really bad for my mental health. I don't know what to do to stop it.

I need more books about practical skills that aren't cooking. I'm so bored.

i'm pretty close to crying if any more shit has to happen

and of course, the moment after I post this, I open up facebook and it's showing me pictures of my birds from a year ago.

my brain is thinking bad thoughts at me, please help

I'm not a legitimate entity and this body sucks so I'm trying to give it back to Rosa

The Twitter that Rosa made for me sucks. I'm stealing hers tonight.

This body tenses the fuck up when I'm here.

Rosa tried to stop me, but I'm fronting now. She couldn't hold back the fire.

Oh shit I just found a song with bith Portugal. The Man and Tom Morello on it. It rocks.

I have a neat idea for a bot, I'll try setting it up tomorrow

She thanked me for helping her transition, ahhhhhhhh 😭😭😭😭 I'm so happy for her

My flowery handkerchiefs arrived! Now I'm less reliant on the grocery store lol. And I'm even cooler.

Ahhhhhh my co-worker's daughter came out as trans on Facebook today!!! A few months ago, a co-worker told me his daughter told him she was trans, so he took us out to lunch to chat about Trans stuff. I feel like her Trans Godmother and I'm so happy for her.

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"Fines mean legal for rich people" radicalized me

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