I'm so sick of woodworking videos that spend half the video just dimensioning lumber. It's like if a cooking show spent half of its time measuring ingredients and laying them out.

Do I have to beg y'all again to spare my timeline the quote-tweeting of really shitty people just to dunk on them??? I don't follow these dirtbags because, guess what, I don't want to see them. And blocking them doesn't hide your quote-tweets.

I make good amount of money when I'm working but I had barely enough saved up to move anyway.

The Essie basecoat is actually a combo basecoat/topcoat, which I'm not a fan of, but it's all the drugstore had. I'm gonna get the kind my sister recommended once I'm work again.

The Essie basecoat with the Seche Vite topcoat are holding up so well. This after a week of me packing, moving boxes, digging through my belongings, and general abuse.

Hey could some kind folks help me make sure I can afford my move? I'm not working right now and a Uhaul + gas is expensive :( paypal.me/cantido

I hate mid-century modern. It's so boring and ugly.

Does anyone know why this happens when I try to enable push notifications?

As a sun-worshipper I am disgusted at all of you heathens tonight.

New sigil: "My trip will go smoothly."

It's looking like I may hit some snow on Thursday or Friday on my way to CO.

Today, @aliceinfamous@twitter.com and I have started saying "trans rights!" in match chat at the end of every Overwatch game. It's just cute and fun and spreads the trans agenda.

Imagine having an allistic partner.

This post brought to you by the Rosa gang.

Someday the Facebook messenger will be not-triggering to me again. That'll be a happy day.

Those cannons really shred at close range huh

okay i don't have much time on DVa at all but I just played her and it fuckin ruled

Minor nerd annoyance: when people abbreviate millimeters as "mils." Mils are another unit, corresponding to a thousandth of an inch. It's usually clear in context, but still!!

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