My heart got badly hurt so it's locked up up tight now

Something about my capacity for romantic feelings has gotten fucked up since last year, and I feel way more aromantic. Like I want most of my relationships to be queerplatonic. Or some kinda queer. Whatever. Just let me kiss my friends cuz kissing is fun

There are two types of people in this world. When an animal makes a noise at them, either you:

β€’ speak human language back to them (e.g. "Oh, really!," "Yes I know!")

β€’ make animal noises back at them

β€’ Force lightning
β€’ Force choke
β€’ Force femme


I know I'm going to disagree with myself tomorrow but I'm kinda fuckin hot

I'm not in Twitter Jail this time though

Just saw and I loved it. Hail Satan, be gay, do crimes, arm the proletariat, et cetera

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The *amazing* @cosmicrose is making a hand bound book of my smut stories!

I'm gonna see a movie called "Hail Satan" with the Satanic Temple, hell yeah

Eat ass, worship Satan

Waiting for borger with

At least they were kind enough to tell us they thought we were hot??

Folks know the street: "oh oops sorry dude I thought you were a chick

Friend & I: "I am, we both are"


Imagine being the kind of person who thinks my bio doesn't kick ass hahahaha

Damn who could have guessed that when I spend a lot of time with friends, my mood improves

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