to see more incl failures and works in progress 🙈

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There's a fast food workers strike.this Thursday in the UK, effecting Wetherspoons, McDonalds, TGI Fridays, Deliveroo, UberEats and Just Eat. Please don't ride for or order from. Details:

hey again! it's my birthday again! can you guys boost this toot again? thanks again!

girls love to live in houses and use central heating

everyone asks “hoobastank” but never “howbastank” & that’s why I majored in journalismsmsm

Knzk? More like No THANK’s sis! (everyone gets mad at me) Sorry. Im sorry. Im trying to ban you

I had a DATE today at an art gallery and then a nice dinner with friends and quality time with my angel of a girlfriend so today has been a mood boost even if I’m still delicate

Anyway I have noticed myself doing so, thought of a conversation I’d like to have with a beloved friend some day, and taken a sleeping pill because sleep is the cornerstone of mood, as a mental health nurse told me a decade ago.

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It’s the month my tarot tattoo has been waiting for

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, it's officially Halloween month yeahhh!!!! *pulls party popper but it's snakes* snakes everywhereeee

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