i hate when the computer does exactly what im telling it to do, but what im telling it to do is not what i intended to tell it to do

TW: Blood/scarring 

I got FUE Hair Transplants on Tuesday, here are some pictures I took immediately after getting home (and one less-than-glamorous shot I took during lunch, my drowsiness brought to you by Valium)

Should libraries run search engines? It seems that the original point of a library was to organize human knowledge and culture for the public benefit. The benefit has been great, but libraries aren't the main tool for finding information now. Search engines are. The notion that a library needs to be for books only is an arbitrary limitation. This oversight allowed corporations to move into that traditionally non-profit role, and I'm not convinced they've done a particularly good job.

This place not being algorithm-driven is great because I'm not addicted to it and don't feel compelled to come here and doomscroll for hours and use it as a self-destructive escape from real life

But at the same time it's also incredibly easy to just be like "Mastodon? Oh shit, I haven't been on there in WEEKS!"

and you know what? I'm starting to think that's a feature, not a bug.

Transition Stuff 

I'm having a profound sense of peace this week. Not panicking about my transition or about eventually coming out, or about anything at the moment. I'm just patiently waiting on HRT to do what it does and I feel like I've finally accepted that it'll take time and it'll be rocky but I'll make it. I'll be okay and in the end I'll get to get out of Mississippi, fully transition, and truly live.

Just learned that instance have their own emoji, and I'm really loving my instance rn :blobhearttranscat:

@shardsofblue I think it's possible by replying and then boosting your reply. Or at least that's kind of equivalent. Hold on, let me try it

Why did nobody ever tell me about Body Butter? This stuff is amazing. I feel soft and I smell great. Holy shit.

I like this place so far, but i lowkey refuse to call my posts "toots"

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