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I think there’s a case to be made for Buckaroo Banzai as a trans man.

Here's today's birb - another of everyone's favourite trash corvid and fancy boy, the black billed magpie

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eye contact selfie pain boost 

Sorry, can't go out tonight, too busy lounging dramatically in bed.

If I don’t have my garbage taste in music, what do I even have at all?

ok, but have you considered: killing all the profiteers

eye contact, talking about hair loss, boost+ 

Is literally everyone thirsty right now oh my god

eye contact selfie slightly lewd boost+ 

selfies, eye contact, blah blah blah 

lewd, just a bra, selfie, eye contact, boost my bountiful boobs 

eye contact, selfie, sexuality, boost+ 

eye contact, selfie, a lil negative, boost is fine 

eye contact, a lil lewd, boost+ 

I really gotta get off, any suggestions?

eye contact, selfie, lewd, boost me i'm pretty 

Normalize changing your gender
Normalize changing your pronouns
Normalize changing your name

Multiple times,
For no reason other than they're yours to decide

eye contact, selfie, boost+ 

eye contact, selfie, dissociation, mild lewd, boost+ 

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