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i'm pretty much the stray cat of social media and i expect all of you to feed me whenever i turn up on my bullshit

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I valiantly continue to resist authoring a bio. I let my shitty, shitty posting define me.

me, stumbling inside, red-eyed, frantic, and soaked in sweat: the Dead Kennedys are still good! they hold up on the relisten!!!

"I'm punk, actually," I say, crawling back into bed. "I'm extremely punk. Self-care is punk," I repeat, curling up under three layers of blankets. "The government doesn't want me to do this!" I croon, rocking blissfully back and forth

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I refuse to associate for any reason with anyone who has a "favorite armored personnel carrier"

I've been watching Beastars on Netflix and this show is fucking my head up.

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I've got the courage of my many, many convictions for murder.

i’m in ur base, committing war crims on ur dudes

dear diary, today i had to define the word “solid” for someone who despite having access to the internet was somehow not able to locate this information

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