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i'm pretty much the stray cat of social media and i expect all of you to feed me whenever i turn up on my bullshit

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I valiantly continue to resist authoring a bio. I let my shitty, shitty posting define me.

and now to listen to every single Nomeansno album I own

transfem thought: so many of my relationships with my girlfriends over the years would have been better if we were just girlfriends

A venn diagram of "Librarians" with circles for "Queer" and "Old"

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Walk back into the bathroom after showering, and my wife's cat pops up her head, guiltily dripping with mouthfuls of shower water.

i'll never stop being outraged at cuties online.

nothing says "middle- to upper-management" like having someone who doesn't have the skill set do your job tell you that you aren't doing your job well/fast enough

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"why wont any girls hit on me?" I ask as I string razorwire around the exterior of my squat windowless home on its defensible ridge.

"why doesn't anyone think i'm sexy?" i ponder as i smash every mirror and camera in the house and appear only as a shimmering apparition to the living

"butch" is a single pen stroke away from "bitch" and i think that's beautiful

the unthinkable has occured, but I can't tell you what happened bc for the life of me I can't think of what it was what happened

I'll never get tired of being tall. Maybe not as tall as many women, but tall enough.

I'm statuesque, bitches.

Me: *makes a 40-second call to customer service to cancel my service*
Me: whew now that chore is done with, time to play video games for 4 hours

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