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i'm pretty much the stray cat of social media and i expect all of you to feed me whenever i turn up on my bullshit

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I valiantly continue to resist authoring a bio. I let my shitty, shitty posting define me.

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TERFs belong in a dumpster with the rest of the trash

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Me: Any comment pertaining to whether anything about any of my bras could have been designed better.

NB Wife: Just laughs bitterly.

I heard there was a song designed
to infiltrate the human mind
infectious like a virus running through you:
The danger's in the song's refrain,
the melody controls your brain
so every word and thought is "hallelujah"...

Things are heating up in the global warming fandom.

when pet cat and they curl their lil paws up bc happy, yes yes

help more than zero people are talking to me and I'm confused

Forget the boobs, forget the cute clothes, the best part of transitioning is not having to wear a necktie when I get dressed up.

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What being femme means to me:

I own a literal hundred lipsticks because I thought they looked good or had a neat color or were shiny and I only actually use four of them.

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