What's this about getting to 43 degrees in London? I can't even get my shower to get that hot. This seems improbable.

It would be a terrible shame if people across London let the air out of every single SUV in the city on the hottest-ever day, given the enormous amount of carbon produced by those vehicles. A shame because the owners might want to go and run over some pedestrians or something. I don't know what anyone does with such an enormous vehicle in a city aside from menace others.

Anyway, it's probably illegal, so don't do it.

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@celesteh while hardly a carbon-neutral alternative, you can wait out the worst of it here. The Bay Area is quite nice right now. Highs in the mid 20°s.


The UK police have no sense of humour about airports, so, to be clear, that was a joke.

@celesteh British spellings of tire and airplane are the real crime here.

@vincentj I switched my spell checker when I got citizenship.

@celesteh weird citizenship requirement, but US naturalization makes one pledge allegiance to a flag (not the country) so it's hard to judge.

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