i read the phrase "homogenous body of episteme" in an academic paper last week and it's still stuck in my head this week. i would watch a show where the town is making hasty preparations to deal with the imminent arrival of the homogenous body of episteme or play a game where you have to collect relics at the end of seven dungeons and the homogenous body of episteme was at the end of the fifth one.


Not sure what this means, but it sounds like the uncanny of the suburbs. One wanders into a clu-de-sac and discovers the homogenous body of episteme lurking there both menacing and normative.

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@celesteh it was in a paper about dalcroze in music education and saying that we are not that, so i guess basically saying we take in knowledge from all different sorts of sources and in different ways but said in a more sci-fi/fantasy sorta way


Does it have a DOI? I have to write a paper for a PGCHE and it would be groovy to work in that phrase.

@celesteh doi.org/10.1177/1321103X114046 i didn't make it through the paper, it was a little too densely written for me

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