what it is: capital+ism. the investors call the shots

what normies hear when you say the word: free market. buyers - of the company's product, not its "equity" - call the shots

the more times someone wearies themselves re-debunking that myth, the more people there are who will have learned that distinction for the first time


I never realised until this .moment just how insidious "consumerism" is. 🙀😾

@celesteh @carcinopithecus
Are you aware of the history of the term? Because this is where it gets convoluted

@celesteh @carcinopithecus
Okay so the caveat is I can't point to a specific source on this one so take it with a grain of salt, but what I've learned it that the term "consumerism" has originally been coined as a strategy (customer control of the market, putting pressure on companies, boycotts, you know the drill) and only later became a category of critical analysis where it had strongly negative connotations

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