This is a subtooting shitpost, but the misanthropy is real 

Yeah, so I didn't transition to be any cis person's inspirational story and can't help anyone figure out how to be better at being cis or do anything whatsoever for cis masculinity.

What's a man you wonder? Trans men are men. But cis het men? Irredeemably boring gender.

Ugh I hate it when liberals try to curate diversity. Do they even know how dehumanising it is? Nobody wants to be an outlier test case for the Real People.


Fine, here's my insightful take on manhood:

How to tell if you're a man: Does it make you happy to think of yourself as one? If you're not sure, try it out. Take as much time as you need. Much love to you on this journey.

How to be a man: Think of yourself as one. If you feel safe doing so, tell other people.

How to be a good man: Be a good person while thinking of yourself as a man.

@celesteh thank you

that thread was leading me down exactly the sort of cognitive self-reflection "can i do it THIS time" rabbithole i've been reminding myself for the better part of the past year was consistently bearing bad fruit for me

your griping here was a desperately needed wakeup call

@carcinopithecus @commiequeer

Gender is easy for cis people who are unhappy about that. So they then go and invent elaborate over complications they can use to gatekeep and establish the superiority of already powerful groups.

Every dude handwriting about what it means to be a man is working to shore up patriarchy, whether he intends to or not.

@celesteh Never thought about my gender, because I am pretty sure about it. But even less does thinking about myself in terms of my gender makes me happy or unhappy.
While this might be a privilige, it might also be the reason, that I am quite content with it.

@celesteh I've been on here long enough that this stuff seems obvious now, but a few years ago I was just a man because I didn't know it was optional.

Thank you, trans people, for opening my mind :heart_trans: :heart_nb:

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